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A timeless lesson

As an entrepreneur, my mind is often anticipating new challenges and planning my journeys. Finding time for a few moments of meditation can be difficult, but transitioning from my busy work schedule to quietude is often the bigger challenge. Although I understand the many health benefits of meditation and have read dozens of books and articles about it, my mind still wanders. In frustration, I even gave up for a couple of weeks. 


“Listening to Alea’s approach to meditation eased much of the pressure I had felt ...”

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Unfolding Good Luck

No trip to Kyoto is complete without visiting Miyawaki baisen-an, the legendary maker of some of Japan’s finest folding fans, called sensu. Exploring the abundant collection in this store and meeting with Mr. Takashima, the proprietor, has become a favorite ritual. Every year, he selects a fan for me that he feels best suits my personality, and I add it to my collection. While I have always appreciated the aesthetic and practical beauty of the fans, after he explained the long history and cultural symbolism of fans, my appreciation for these elegant keepsakes expanded exponentially.  

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Turning Over a New T Leaf

Welcome to the Tatcha T House, our new blog and virtual gathering spot for sharing our adventures and discoveries about living more simply, beautifully and in the moment.

The name reflects a love of the many tea houses, or ocha-ya, hosted by geisha in Kyoto. From the very first time I parted the curtains and stepped inside, I instantly felt at ease and welcomed as if I were a longtime friend.

Listening to Alea’s approach to meditation eased much of the pressure I had felt ...

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Travel Diary: Simplifying your Suitcase

Frequent trips between Kyoto and San Francisco have led me to discover many delightful treasures, but I’ve also learned a few things about the art of traveling too. From broken luggage to arriving at a destination with what I call “plane face,” I’ve experienced many of its less-than-glamorous aspects. Fortunately, getting elegantly from Point A to Point B can be easier with a little planning. Here are a few of my favorite tips:  

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Five Tips for Bright Eyes

As much as I love travelling and discovering new treasures, sometimes the shifting time zones and multiple flights can take a toll on my skin, especially around my eyes. Here are some of my favorite ways to soothe and refresh my eyes after a long journey.

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