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Turning Over a New T Leaf

Welcome to the Tatcha T House, our new blog and virtual gathering spot for sharing our adventures and discoveries about living more simply, beautifully and in the moment.

The name reflects a love of the many tea houses, or ocha-ya, hosted by geisha in Kyoto. From the very first time I parted the curtains and stepped inside, I instantly felt at ease and welcomed as if I were a longtime friend.


“... a world away from whirlwind of daily life where we can share inspirations of all kinds.”
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An Enzyme Powder for All Reasons

When one of my geisha friends took me to the small boutique in Gion where she purchased her face powder, eye liner and other skin care items, I was surprised by simple and straightforward everything seemed—especially compared to the sprawling cosmetics department in Western department stores. Between rows of lacquer-handled lip brushes and packages of pretty potions, she picked up a couple of colorful washi envelopes. They were filled with finely milled rice powder, she said, and were used to gently exfoliate the skin. Intrigued, I bought a small sleeve of it to take home myself.

“The luminous skin I had been trying to create with makeup and other treatments was achievable with this pure, simple ingredient.” 
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Happy Father’s Day

I’m so thankful to be Alea’s mother, but also endlessly grateful to my husband, Eric, who is a wonderful father. It’s became a tradition for me to write a letter to Alea each year for Mother’s Day, but this year I wanted to surprise Eric with a special post just for him on Father’s Day. 

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A Handful of Rice

Happy Onigiri Day! Onigiri are Japanese rice balls, which are portable, picnic-ready treats so popular that they have their own iPhone emoji: . Most convenience stores in Japan carry onigiri, neatly shaped into compact triangles and wrapped in roasted seaweed. They’re one of my favorite snacks when I’m traveling in Kyoto because they’re a healthy alternative to most food on the go.  

“My favorite beauty secrets are the ones right beneath my nose, or in this case, in the palm of my hands.”
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Fan Talk

Folding fans, or sensu, are an undeniably sophisticated way to keep cool while looking chic. But my fascination with them has less to with fashion and everything to do with the many other ways it can be used. A perfect blend of form and function, fans have a long history of symbolism and communication of all kinds—from samurai signaling to soldiers in the battlefield to classically trained geisha and kabuki performers who manipulate the fans countless ways for artful storytelling.

“... she may raise it high to represent mountains, or summon a gentle breeze with a little lilting motion.”
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