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Off the Cuff – an Interview with Jennifer Fisher

Though I don’t wear jewelry often, I truly treasure a few sentimental pieces given to me by my dear friends, like a special coin necklace that was given to me as I began the Tatcha journey. When I first came across Jennifer Fisher’s collection, I was touched by her story on creating a unique and meaningful charm in honor of her son Shane. Jennifer’s elegant and personalized jewelry has made her a favorite among fashion-forward celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Beyonce and Rihanna. She has sent me several beautiful things, but it’s her vision and entrepreneurial spirit I admire most of all. I’m delighted to share her story about how she became a jewelry designer and her secrets to feeling beautiful:

“my beauty, however perceived by others, is mine alone”
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Sun Protection Secrets

Spending the last two weeks in Japan reminded me again just how seriously so many there take sun protection — it’s practically a national obsession and an art form. Of course, my geisha friends have perhaps the best advantage of all, because their white makeup (called oshiroi) covers their face and neck completely. Geisha began wearing the thick powder to better illuminate their faces as they performed by candlelight, but it had the added benefit of protecting the skin from the sun and environmental pollutants.

“I’ve also learned that there are many more ways to avoid the incremental damage that comes from over-exposure to the sun.”
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Six Secrets for Picture Perfection

Weddings, like other joyous events, bring out an inner glow whether you’re the bride, groom or guest. To make sure you look as radiant as you feel, my dear friend and celebrity makeup artist Matthew Vanleeuwen suggests keeping things simple on the Big Day:

“Give your look a little boost, but nothing overly dramatic so you still look like you.”
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Turning Over a New T Leaf

Welcome to the Tatcha T House, our new blog and virtual gathering spot for sharing our adventures and discoveries about living more simply, beautifully and in the moment.

The name reflects a love of the many tea houses, or ocha-ya, hosted by geisha in Kyoto. From the very first time I parted the curtains and stepped inside, I instantly felt at ease and welcomed as if I were a longtime friend.


“... a world away from whirlwind of daily life where we can share inspirations of all kinds.”
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An Enzyme Powder for All Reasons

When one of my geisha friends took me to the small boutique in Gion where she purchased her face powder, eye liner and other skin care items, I was surprised by simple and straightforward everything seemed—especially compared to the sprawling cosmetics department in Western department stores. Between rows of lacquer-handled lip brushes and packages of pretty potions, she picked up a couple of colorful washi envelopes. They were filled with finely milled rice powder, she said, and were used to gently exfoliate the skin. Intrigued, I bought a small sleeve of it to take home myself.

“The luminous skin I had been trying to create with makeup and other treatments was achievable with this pure, simple ingredient.” 
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