What it is:
A handcrafted crystal whose elegant shape was inspired by Japanese acupressure. The TATCHA Akari Crystal Facial Massager can be heated or cooled to maximize benefits to the skin.

Why it’s different:
The Akari Crystal Massager can be used with the Ageless Rich Creams Collection to awaken skin, release tension and detoxify through lymphatic cleansing.

Who it’s for:
Ideal for all skin types.

Handcrafted, 100% crystal with 24-karat gold flecks.

Akari Crystal Massager | How To Use

Akari Crystal Massager

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Facial massage and acupressure have been essential to Japanese beauty rituals for centuries. To bring these ancient techniques back to life TATCHA partnered with jeweler Elizabeth Rose to create an elegant crystal massage tool ideal for bringing light and vitality to the skin and spirit alike. 

Tatcha Featured Press


“Eastern Promise: Ancient beauty secrets of the geisha”

"What would you do if you heard about a 200-year-old book from Japan, the oldest of its kind, said to contain never-before-seen details of the heavily guarded beauty rituals of the geisha?"

Tatcha Featured Press


“San Francisco's New Japanese-Themed Beauty Brand”

"Already a talk among celebrities"

Tatcha Featured Press

San Francisco Chronicle

“Facial Truths You Knead To Know”

"Release tension and improve circulation."


“Crystal Vision”

"Once you experience the wonders of this crystal massager...you will be immediately converted."

Tatcha Featured Press

Into the Gloss

“Case of the Winter Blahs?”

"TATCHA makes a Facial Massaging Crystal that you can heat up or chill in the freezer that we're kind of obsessed with."

Tatcha Featured Press

Chalkboard Magazine

“Power Tools”

"This gold-ribboned crystal wand lets you stimulate blood flow around the eyes as you apply eye cream, release tension that can lead to wrinkles and stimulate lymphatic flow for maximum vitality."

Can I use both ends of the AGELESS Akari Crystal Facial Massager?

Yes. Each side of the tool is intended for slightly different use. The broad side can be used for wider strokes around the sides of the face, while the narrow end is ideal for delicate massage around the eye area.

 What are the benefits of the AGELESS Akari Crystal Massager and massages?

The Asayake “Lifting” Massage is designed to awaken and tighten skin, while the Yuyake “Detox” Massage relaxes and purifies skin through lymphatic cleansing. The Mezame “Awakening” Massage helps to rejuvenate tired, puffy eyes.

What size is the AGELESS Akari Crystal Massager?

The tool weighs 1.8oz and is 3.5" long, with a width of 0.5" at its widest part. 

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  • I love this crystal.

    I do all the massages to my face once a day. I love the cold massages--they feel so good. At night, I enjoy the warm one. The crystal is just the right size and shape and I love how pretty it is. It definitely has had an effect on my face too. I am so glad I bought it. It is soothing and just fun to use. I store it in the purple pouch and then put it in the wooden box it came in to keep it nice and safe. I will not be without it. I love it! I can say that about all the Tatcha products--nothing has helped my skin more in such a short time. Believe me, I am devoted to this company!
  • Great Massages

    I am amazed at how effective this is. Each of the three massages are very different but all bring astonishing results for me. The massages make my face look better by improving circulation, tightening the somewhat slack area at my jawline and the effect around my eyes is nothing short of a miracle! I have always had puffy, hooded deep set eyes that now as I am seeing more signs of aging, the time it takes to lose the fluids that build up at night has become much longer. Using the massager has the immediate and profound effect of de-puffing and tightening my skin and making me look a lot better, more awake and younger right after use.
  • Such a change!

    Every day I am getting more and better results with the new face and eye creams and the massager. Now I can't live without any of them! I will be phasing out and using up skin care items from other lines. I just feel so much cleaner, more pure and healthier using Tatcha along with the fact that my skin is so comfortable now without the problems of dryness and redness. Amazing, I have finally found a single line that I can use for all my skincare needs! It's only taken 44 years of experimenting!
  • Anytime use

    I keep this at my desk and pull it out whenever I need to de-stress a little. Running it around my eyes and neck makes me feel a million times better! It's by far the most beautiful thing I have at my desk.
  • The best thing I never knew I needed

    I was gifted this from a very good friend - it never occurred to me that I would need my own crystal massager, but my friend gives excellent gifts and I trust her so I tried it out. Now I can't live without it! I do the morning massage and night massage and the difference it makes in just two minutes is unbelievable. Sometimes if I have a headache I just kind of lean into it and it takes away all the pressure. Love it.

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