For every little moment in your day: create balance and take a moment for yourself. Swift away excess oil with the Aburatorigami Blotting Papers and set makeup and keep skin looking petal-fresh.

Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers PETAL FRESH
Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers
Original Aburatorigami PETAL FRESH
Original Aburatorigami
Aburatorigami Kiri Gift Box (15 Packs) PETAL FRESH
Aburatorigami Kiri Gift Box (15 Packs)

Beauty Papers

Centuries ago, gold leaf craftsmen created blotting sheets of abaca leaf to protect their precious metal as they hammered it into whisper-thin sheets. Resourceful geisha learned that the soft, absorbent leaflets were perfect blotting papers, incorporating them into their beauty rituals. These original beauty papers are made from 100% abaca leaf and gold flakes to blot away excess oil without stealing moisture from the skin, leaving you with petal-fresh skin any time. Ideal for dry skin, combination skin and oily skin.