TATCHA is a teller of beauty histories, rediscovering and contemporizing ancient traditions and sharing timeless secrets. On our journeys East, we not only seek beauty rituals, we also encounter individuals who continue to inhabit Japan’s heritage through their storied artisan creations.

We’ve partnered with these beloved artists to share their treasures with you. And to inspire craft and creativity in future generations, we’ll donate a portion of each sale to organizations dedicated to educating girls in underprivileged communities. In doing so, TATCHA celebrates and supports not only yesterday’s and today’s beauties—but also tomorrow’s.

TATCHA Fujinami Fan Set TATCHA Limited Edition
TATCHA Fujinami Fan Set
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The TATCHA Obon Tray TATCHA Limited Edition
The TATCHA Obon Tray
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Japanese Silk Scarf TATCHA Limited Edition
Amour Indigo Scarf
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Artisanal Sake Glasses TATCHA
Artisanal Sake Glasses
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Yume Bracelets from Japan TATCHA Limited Edition
Yume Bracelets
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