Camellia Cleansing Oil Face Wash
Camellia Cleansing Oil Face Wash

One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil | How To Use

What it is:
A beautiful blend of camellia and rice bran oils. Melts away even waterproof makeup leaving skin fresh and pure.

Why it's different:
Does not contain mineral oil. No double cleansing required.

Who it's for:
All skin types. Non-comedogenic. Non-irritating. Non-sensitizing. Dermatologist tested.

Cetyl Ethylhexanoate, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil, Polyglyceryl-10 Dioleate, Polyglyceryl-2 Sesquicaprylate, Camellia Japonica Seed Oil, Glyceryl Behenate/eicosadioate, Water, Algae Extract, Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Leaf Extract, Glycerin, Ethylhexylglycerin, Alcohol, Fragrance (Natural), Phenoxyethanol.

Formulated without:
Mineral Oil, Synthetic Colors, Synthetic Fragrances, Sulfate Detergents, Parabens, PEGs, PPGs, Urea, DEA, TEA or Phthalates.

Begin with dry hands and a dry face. Apply 1-2 pumps into the palm of your hand and massage onto face, including around the eyes. Rinse off with warm water. The oil will emulsify into a milk and effortlessly melt away makeup and debris.

One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil

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The glowing skin and flowing hair unique to Anko, the camellia harvesting women of Oshima Island, were a mystery to most outsiders. But not to the geisha, who have used this oil for centuries to remove perform­ance makeup without stripping skin. It is one of their greatest secrets - used for centuries to ensure optimal health of hair, nails and skin, camellia oil is rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, and very mild on the skin. Centuries of experience have created the perfect cleanser for your everyday beauty routine.

Tatcha Featured Press


“Eastern Promise: Ancient beauty secrets of the geisha”

"What would you do if you heard about a 200-year-old book from Japan, the oldest of its kind, said to contain never-before-seen details of the heavily guarded beauty rituals of the geisha?"

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Vogue Portugal

“Private Beauty”

"I'm loving TATCHA's One-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil"

Tatcha Featured Press

New York Times

“Summer Facial Cleansers”

"TATCHA's cleanser was superior at dissolving waterproof makeup in a single go."

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“Beauty How-To: Face Oil”

"'[Face oil cleansers] are the best cleansers for melting away impurities and excess sebum without stripping the skin of moistures,' says Tsai, whose Tatcha collection includes a cleanser with camellia and rice bran oils."

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“The 28 Products Our Editor Can't Live Without”

"...gentle and removes all my makeup without drying my skin out."

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“Pretty Smart: Beauty Oils We Find Essential”

"Nourishing camellia and rice bran oils in TATCHA's cleansing formula wash away dirt and makeup on sensitive faces without irritating or stripping skin."

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“Case of the Winter Blahs?”

"Makes your skin glow like nobody's business."

Tatcha Featured Press

Barneys New York

“Beauty Wars: East Coast vs. West Coast”

"...TATCHA's One-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil is simply the best cleanser I have ever experienced."

Tatcha Featured Press

Barneys New York

“Beauty Wars: East Coast vs. West Coast”

"Any list of top picks would have to include TATCHA Cleansing Oil."

Tatcha Featured Press


“Beauty Products We Love”

"Not all formulas are created equal...This one has all the benefits with none of the downsides."

Marie Claire

Marie Claire

“The Marie Claire Guide to Face Oils”

"For Sensitive Skin" Camellia has one of the highest levels of naturally occuring antioxidants among oils. Its ultra-lightweight texture means it works well with sensitive skin."

How do I use this product?
Begin with dry hands and a dry face. Apply 1-2 pumps of the Camellia Cleansing Oil into the palm of your hand. Massaging into skin in circular motions. The oil will emulsify into a milk and spirit away makeup and impurities effortlessly. Rinse with warm water and follow with Rice Enzyme Powder.

What step in my skin care ritual is the Camellia Cleansing Oil?
This is the first step in the ritual. For best results, follow with the Polishing Powder, Deep Brightening Serum, and Moisture Rich Silk Cream.

When should I use this product?
It is a gentle cleanser that can be used morning or night and is ideal for removing makeup.

What does One Step mean?
Other oil cleansers on the market are often used for makeup removal but often leave a film of residue on the skin that can require a second step of cleansing. Removes makeup and emulsifies completely, leaving skin fresh and pure without the need for double cleansing.

Can I use this product around my eyes?
Yes, it is formulated to gently remove makeup from around the eyes, as well as the rest of the face.

Is it safe for contact lenses?
Yes, it is gentle on the eyes even if you’re wearing contact lenses.

Does this product work for people with oily skin?
Yes, it is an effective and healthy cleanser for all skin types.

Will the Cleansing Oil make me break out?
No, it emulsifies and washes away completely, leaving skin oil- free.

Does it contain mineral oil?
Unlike other cleansing oils, our oil cleanser does not contain any mineral oil.

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  • An excellent product

    This is, by far, the best cleansing oil on the market (I've tried many). I use it every day in the evening. Also love the scent and packaging. Thank you for making it!
  • My Gateway to Tatcha

    This was my first Tatcha product. I was in tears because my skin was falling apart, wrinkling, itching and hurting in the harsh Phoenix climate. In desperation, I put coconut oil all over my face and it felt SO good but then I got cystic bumps under my skin because, unbeknownst to me, it is highly comedogenic! I searched Sephora for a proper cleansing oil and saw that Tatcha had a perfect 5 star with tons of reviews. I went over to Tatcha's website to look at their products and then ordered from them directly. I was so glad I did because I received a complimentary travel sample and packets. After I used these Tatcha products, it healed my skin and made it glow immediately! Well, I ordered more and my skin has transformed and instead of tears, I'm all smiles now! I can't wait for my husband to make more $ so I can afford more Tatcha. Is that wrong?
  • Best Cleansing Oil Ever

    I have tried many many cleansers, and this one so far is my favorite. If you've never tried an oil cleanser, it may take a few days to a week for your skin to become acclimated but your skin will thank you! This cleanser is gentle, effective and leaves your skin flawless and smooth. I have very fair skin with pores that clog easily, and this cleanser clears them all out and I notice my skin looks and feels better after using this.
  • Must be the oil

    I got this camellia cleansing oil with the start up ritual set. It may be because it is oil base that made me break out. Other than that, I thought that it cleans my skin nicely of the icky stuff.
  • Amazing Cleanser

    I was very skeptical about cleansing oils because I had oily skin, but I heard amazing reviews about this and now I don't think I can look at cleansing oils the same way anymore. This is the first time I used a cleansing oil and I just used a sample of it. This made my skin so amazing and there's no residue. When I get the chance I will definitely purchase the full size in the future. Amazing, totally changed my mind completely.
  • Essential for every routine!

    First off, this takes all your makeup off which is ridiculous for a cleanser to do. I've worked in the cosmetics industry for years now and this is the only cleanser that actually removes makeup, the others that claim that flat out don't. Secondly, I've recently gone off a medication (that has made me break out in the most horrifying way ever every time I tried to go off it) so normally my skin would freak out, but this cleanser has kept my skin so balanced and clean that the breakout I was expecting was in reality about 3 tiny pimples. I will never use anything else to cleanse my skin ever. Everyone needs this whether you're oily or dry, your skin will love it.
  • Brightening, purifying, lovely

    I'm fifteen years old and have dry acne prone skin (yes, it is unfortunate). This packaging is beautiful, and you get a lot for your money. I did as tatcha said, and started by using this once a day (usually at night, as my skin needs a good deep cleanse after being out on public transportation and having makeup on), and then gradually building to using this twice a day. I don't need to exfoliate with anything else now, I just use a mask once a week to make everything more affective. I sometimes mix this and the cleansing oil and a tiny bit of water as a face mask, and it's beautiful. Combined with the rest of the tatcha line, this just is perfect. I am devoted to tatcha. The brand is just beautiful and they really care about their products and costumers. It smells like fresh rice. I adore.
  • Cleanest Cleanser!

    My pursuit in discovering Tatcha came from my commitment to avoid putting harsh chemicals on my face. I tried a sample and was utterly impressed; the product did exactly everything and more that it was intended to do. A first for me.

    Nearly 2 months later I'm still impressed with Tatcha's line. I use their cleanser in the morning and at night to remove daily build up. It takes off impurities and makeup residue leaving my face luminous and clean. I follow the cleaner with the gentle enzyme exfoliator. I recommend you contact them to determine which exfoliator is right for your skin. I have sensitive skin with an oily tee zone. I used a sample of the deep too aggressively and it broke me out. I returned to the recommended gentle and my skin cleared beautifully. Even with the slight blemish; my skin looked radiant.

    Their body lotion is also really soothing. I'm amazed that the overall experience has been flawless. Never have I been so impressed.

    Their costumer service is outstanding, packaging is beautiful, and Tatcha's products produce amazing results! It's no wonder they have a devoted following.

    I'm grateful and believe anybody can benefit from this skin care line.
  • Instant gratification

    Well, hello, Tatcha!
    It melts and moves effortlessly on the skin as you massage it to gently but effectively cleanse. I'm in love! Rinses clean without drying and can be used on the decolette where I have sensitivity. I was miserable not knowing how to address my skin that has changed. It's a victim to the dry winter air inside & outside. All I can tell you is that this does all it says it does. I suggest using one of their rice enzyme powders too. I need an exfoliant that will work synergistically, or on a rotating basis. FYI. Does not sting skin or eyes, Just be sure to rinse eyes well. Good for men, women, & young ladies. Liquid luxury.....
  • This Cleanser Delivers

    I have always suffered from oily skin and acne. I love to wear a minimal-to-moderate amount of makeup on a regular basis. I've used many cleansers over the years, none of which impressed me. They washed off (most) of the makeup and oil, over-dried my skin, and sometimes caused breakouts. On top of that, I would have to use a makeup remover -- more trouble for my skin. I admit, I was nervous about trying the Camellia Cleansing Oil. My experience? This is the best cleanser I have ever used. It melts away the makeup, oil and grime and does not leave behind any film. I haven't suffered a single negative reaction from using this. I also love that I can wash my face clean and not be left with a dry, tight feeling. I don't want to give any other cleanser a chance now. Thanks, Tatcha! You're the answer to my prayers.
  • best pre-shave EVER

    I love to wet shave, those other dry razors and electric razors just don't make my face feel nearly as smooth. I started to use this as a pre-shave in hopes that it would help soften my skin and prevent me from cutting myself. Dare I say I've found a miracle? Whatever this does to the skin and hair on my face, it makes the razor glide effortlessly accross my skin. Will never go without it again!
  • God Send for Oily Skin!

    This Camellia Cleansing oil is a god send for a skin type like mine! My skin is very oily and sensitive (after years of using harsh cleansers on my face), and also a heavy makeup user every day. I have also used other oil cleansers on my face, and they always leave an oily feeling/residue on my skin. But this Camellia cleansing oil is not the case at all! It thoroughly cleanses my skin really well, and soothes my acne too. I love how it immediately emulsifies into a milk as soon as it comes in contact with water when I rinse my face. Love this product, and I'll definitely order this again!
  • Gentle & Effective!!

    I had never used an oil to cleanse with before & wondered IF it would be greasy??!! Upon using this the first time, it was a new experience in cleansing ..... (A wonderful, warming, relaxing feeling!).....not to mention that it was deeply cleansing & rinsed absolutely clean -- even mascara too ! -- with no irritation to the eyes!!! A miraculous product for cleansing!!!! Thanks Tatcha.....
  • Luxurious cleanser!

    I come from a background of severe cystic acne and this oil works wonders as a cleanser for me! It's so smooth and silky and just luxurious when you're massaging it into your skin, it makes my skin care routine so enjoyable.
  • great for blackheads

    I have combination skin - since using the cleansing oil, I've noticed that my blackheads have been diminished drastically. I've always had larger pores with blackheads in my t-zone, and since using this, this product has helped clear them up while leaving my skin soft and dewy, unlike harsh blackhead removal products. My only reason for four stars is that since using this, I've had a few small pimples on my forehead, but I will give this product time for my skin to adjust to a new routine.
  • Remarkable Cleansing Oil

    This is incredibly light, has great spreadability and rinses without residue, while leaving skin soft and hydrated.
    The minimalistic formula is impressive, not to mention the packaging and the mild and pleasant scent, which together make using this cleansing oil a great experience.
    It doesn't bother my rosacea and leaves skin looking bright and healthy.

    You'll be hard pressed to find another cleansing oil with such an impressive ingredient's list and so gentle and effective.
  • Acne prone skin

    I was so excited to try this product! I had eliminated my acne problems about three years ago. I would get huge, deep, painful pimples on my cheeks that would last for a week. Within three uses of this product, I developed one of those pimples :( I do have sensitive skin, so I'm sad that this product did not work for me.
  • Love this product

    I'm so used to using foaming cleansers, so wasn't sure I'd like this but happily turns out, I love it and will continue using it!
  • amazing product!

    I am in love with this cleanser.. I love how it doesn't make my face dry after using it and the gentle smell does not affect my sensitive nose.. I am a fan for life :)
  • Great makeup remover

    I use cleansing oils as a pre-cleanser because when I wear makeup I sometimes like to go full-on. I love that this cleansing oil is free of mineral oil and other harsh ingredients - unlike other cleansers in the market. It effectively breaks down all my makeup, including waterproof while leaving my skin soft and supple without any greasy residue. The soothing ingredients in this leave my skin feeling soft, never stripped. I highly recommend it to anyone - even if you don't wear a lot of makeup as cleansing oils are also great to break down sunscreen.
  • acne gone

    I had really bad acne, I have used other skin care products before & they worked well but never totally got rid of my acne & after using this oil for just one week & my skin is already clear, I haven't had any breakout either this cleansing oil is perfect!
  • Love this cleanser

    I was skeptical about using oil on my somewhat oily skin, but this product is wonderful. Most other cleansers leave my face feeling dry and tight - not this one! I use it morning and night. It takes two pumps to get my makeup off, and one pump in the morning.

    It isn't inexpensive, but lasts a long time. I have had my bottle since December, and there's still quite a bit left.
  • eli&i both highly recommend

    i myself have been adoring the cleansing oil for some time now… thoroughly cleans without stripping and i appreciate the luxurious feel&scent. but it appears that i now must be the voice for my little furry guy as he too is a user. our 2- yr- old labradoodle eli develops a gooey/crusty discharge in the medial aspects of his eyes daily and cleaning can sometimes be a challenge. since it's safe for me, i decided to use the oil on eli's eyes and… abracadabra… clean eyes. it was quite magical. and most oddly enough the fur around his eyes does not stay oily… almost as if the oil absorbs then nourishes the fur/skin. needless to say we both highly recommend this product hands/paws down =)
  • A Soothing Effective Cleanser

    As someone who is well into the descent from very oily skin to dry, sensitive skin due to perimenopause, I have tried just about everything to cleanse my skin. My frustrating search often ended in red, irritated, and itchy skin. Tatcha's cleansing oil has changed all that. From the first application, my skin was left clean, all makeup including stubborn mascara was gone and soothed, smooth and hydrated skin was the result. There is no need to use a washcloth with this particular cleansing oil (unlike many others out there who claim to be water soluble) so this cuts down on unnecessary irritation. There is no greasy afterfeel; just clean, smooth and hydrated skin that is not stripped of its natural moisture barrier. Thank you, Tatcha for bringing this miracle to market and for your excellent customer service.
  • Truly Remarkable In Every Way

    I am fairly new to Tatcha skincare and I am simply amazed by my experience thus far. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness at the age of 20 and have found that my skin has become increasingly sensitive and difficult over the past 14 years. I have tried many products over the years, but while some were fairly good, nothing holds a candle to Tatcha products.
    This oil is a dream cleanser - so light and gentle, while removing ALL traces of makeup and cleaning the skin remarkably well. It is such a beautifully pampering experience and my skin looks and feels better than ever. Thank you, Tatcha! I simply cannot say enough positive things to come close to doing it justice :)
  • Beautiful product!

    This cleanser is amazing! It's really gentle but manages to cut through all your makeup in one cleanse. Skin feels hydrated afterwards and it smells beautiful too!
  • Love it!

    I received this as part of the sampler set Tatcha offers and it's amazing! My skin felt so soft and smooth! I know where my next paycheck is going :)
  • It's amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    First of all I want to say it's amazing product!!!!!!I never ever written any reviews but this time I must to do that, and say that this skin care product is realy realy amazing!!!!!!!!I am an Aesthetician and I am working with diferent and professional skin care products but after this time when I tried Tatcha I would never go back to any another products.I want to say Thank you Tatcha for so amazing product and thank you for such an ecxellent custumer service!!!!!
  • So perfect

    I have started using this cleanser about two weeks ago and I am in love. It gets everything off even eyelash glue (if you wear fake eyelashes). I like to massage the oil into my face using the Tanaka massage method and it works wonders. Yes the pricing is a bit steep, but it is quite a big bottle. On my student budget, I have to be more mindful and yes my budget for food has taken a hit, but as long as I eat healthy and nourish my skin with this Tatcha oil I find that my overall health is more balanced. I have already begun saving for full sizes of the rest of the ritual and just ordered the Beginning sample kit. This cleanser has made my skin brighter and clearer which is better than any other products I have used thus far!
  • fantastic cleanser

    In my opinion this is the best cleanser on the market! I have acne prone skin and it has helped, it leaves my skin incredible soft, radiant and smooth. I love that is is a cleansing oil that does not contain garbage like mineral oil. Also, I have tried other cleansing oils but they never fully removed all of my makeup- this cleansing oil removes every trace of all my makeup, including waterproof mascara!! I never want to be without this now. It truly is a pleasure to use the cleanser every night. Thank you TATCHA!!
  • Just the Beginning

    I love this product! It is just the beginning of cleansing my face the way it should be cleansed. I do not typically write reviews, but Tatcha deserves to hear from their customers and those of you sitting on the fence, don't wait. Once you do this Step 1 and then go to the next one, you won't want to use anything else.
  • My true love

    I am not blessed with perfect, low maintenance skin. But I can say, with complete surety, that this product, along with Polished, has and will continue to alter that genetic misfortune. If you're short on time (or would prefer to skip TMI), then all you need to know is that my 40-year old, congested yet dehydrated, severely acne-prone and blemished skin has never looked or felt better after switching to these two magical, life changing products.

    Now for the details. Before switching to the cleansing oil, I was using another clear-rinsing cleansing oil, also sans mineral oil, parabens, etc., and one which has a serious cult following. While I liked it enough to use regularly, my chin area remained congested, and consequently, broke out constantly. This led to increased retinoid use, which caused dryness and peeling, which compromised my lipid barrier, which caused more breakouts. Vicious cycle! I chalked it down to my crappy skin and tried to reconcile myself to the fact. I had ordered the sample kit from Tatcha but was afraid to use any new products on my reactive skin. However, not wanting to lug a full-size cleansing oil bottle on a week long trip, I decided to take Tatcha's Pure sample bottle instead. And guess what? No congestion during the trip!! What?! Just clean, "pure" skin! Upon my return, I resumed using my old cleanser, not realizing that that was the problem and my skin punished me for it. My chin was a hot mess. A month later, I had a light bulb moment, and went back to Tatcha's oil and within two days, no more congested pores. Did you get that? Two days!! I can feel all the dead skin and oil plugs (see? TMI!) loosening and coming right out as I massage the oil onto my skin. It's a glorious feeling! I can't stop massaging my face!!

    In a nutshell, I am a convert. I love this oil and will use it till the day I die.
  • This is my two month report

    I have been using the cleansing oil with the rice powder treatment once each day since early December. I continue to use my other skincare once daily as well as my usual moisturizers. I am amazed with the improvement in my skin and it has to be attributed to the Tatcha products. My other skin care items I have been using for over one year now. And in the past I have used many brands that have promised results and some were very pricey as well. Nothing has amazed me as much as Tatcha. I am 63 years old and had long since given up hope that my enlarged pores would ever respond to anything. I'm not sure if it's the cleansing oil or the rice powder but my pores have shrunk dramatically. And my skin is so soft and hydrated . I am very very pleased.
  • Liquid Gold

    I purchased the starter kit and was so wowed by the results that I purchased the full size. I also had my nieces try it and they fell i love with it too. The cleansing oil is amazing and I love how my skin feels. It is not tight or dry just glowing and soft. I am a Tatcha girl for life!!!
  • The only cleansing oil that's worth it.

    I've repurchased this product 3 times, and honestly, I can't live without it now. I've finally found my go-to makeup remover and have not been tempted to try anything else. I've tried makeup removers and cleansing oils from many other brands, but none of them have ever removed my makeup as effortlessly as this. It's perfect because it just makes my makeup melt away, it does not leave any oily residue on my skin and does not irritate my sensitive, acne-prone skin. No need for muslin cloths, cotton wool or anything. Also, unlike many cleansing oils out there, it is not full of mineral oil (which is terrible for acne-prone skin!) and my skin actually feels soft and clean after using it. It's definitely worth the price and if you use it properly then it will last a long time.
  • Broke out.....

    I loved the enzyme powder so I decided to try this as well.. but for some reason after using it a couple times I started breaking out. I wasn't absolutely sure if this was what caused it, but after I stopped using this, my breakouts seemed to have cleared somewhat significantly. I really wanted to like this cleansing oil b/c all of Tatcha's products seem so high-quality and appealing, but this just didnt work (at least the customer service was helpful and I could return), and needless to say, I was disappointed. One thing I'm wondering is actually if the Red Algae ingredient is good for acne-prone skin. After doing some research, I found that it is good for nourishing and moisturizing skin, but ranked as highly comedogenic (5 on a scale of 1-5). Again, I'm not saying that this cleansing oil doesn't do a good job or is a bad product, but just keep in mind that it may not be the best for acne-prone skin.
  • A Gift

    The Camellia Oil is gentle and effective. Leave my dry skin so very soft and nice to touch. This is one of the best products I have ever used. Thank you!
  • My New Go To Cleanser

    I actually got two bottles. I gave one to my sister. We both are in love with this! It's gentle,it doesn't dry out your face. And it gets all your makeup off without stripping your face. Fixing to get a third bottle. Just for back up. I don't want to be without this! Amazing product!
  • Phenomenal

    I have dry sensitive skin and this cleanser is unbelievable! It cleanses thoroughly without stripping. My skin is in love with this product!

    I will add more Tatcha products to my routine as I can afford them.

    Thank you!
  • Camellia oil

    I am a new user of this line and did not know what to expect other than what I read on the web site - I ordered the oil and have found it is excellent for removing every speck of make up and not leaving any residue on the skin. I am very pleased.
  • Cleansing Oil - Superb

    I have sensitive oily skin. I was unsure at first whether the cleanser would clean effectively. Seemed counterintuitive (using an oil to cleanse an already oily face). However, this cleanser removes makeup, oil, and debris without stripping the skin. Now, I love this product. It has decreased my oiliness and my skin not as sensitive. If you have oily or combination skin, don't be afraid to try it. Your skin will thank you.
  • Awesome and more Awesome

    I am in love with the superior performance of TATCHA products. They're not inexpensive but they really deliver, so the products are a wonderful value.

    I can't imagine a cleanser that could be better than this one. It cleanses quickly, rinses quickly with no residue and doesn't strip the skin. It doesn't have any perfumes in it, so it is really gentle. Most impressive, this oil cleanses the pores better than any other product I've ever used. Cleaner pores are smaller pores! After one use my face was smooth, my pores reduced in size and my hyperpigmentation started to significantly improve. I see my skin getting better more and more each day.
  • My favorite makeup remover!

    I love this makeup remover! It works so well and makes my skin beautiful. I love the way it has a cap and a locking pump, because like the other reviewer said--it is perfect for travel. I am so sold on everything that I have tried that I have made three purchases this month alone. My first was through a home shopping network and then I came to this site and bought more. I will be purchasing the ritual kit next. Thanks Tatcha!
  • What a joy!

    When I received this product I was a bit hesitant as to whether the product was in fact one step, but boy,i was proven wrong. The formulation removes my makeup effectively, whilst not drying my sensitive skin. I have never seen my face so bright!! Unlike makeup removal wipes, the formulation was not abrasive or harsh to my skin. From a fussy person, I can honestly say I look forward to removing my makeup to reveal my fresh and soft skin.

    Thank you tatcha for producing the best products with such class and spirit.
  • Love, love!

    I've used cleansing oil in past, ie, DHC, but it always felt heavy on me. I have oily, acne prone, and most recently, sensitive skin. I ordered a free sample and that's all it took to get me hooked. Unlike the other oil, this felt so light and smooth going on and left my skin so soft and balanced that it's glowing. I use this in conjunction with the rice enzyme exfoliant and my skin has never looked better! I'm hooked for life!
  • Best cleansing oil EVER

    This is by far my favorite cleansing oil of all times! I fell in love immediately!
  • Thank you SO much!

    I have only used the VIP sampler set, and the difference in my skin is just simply amazing! I love this product!!!
  • My favorite morning cleanser and IT TRAVELS WELL!

    I wash my face at least twice a day--once in the morning (because I put a LOT of lotions and potions on my face at night) and once at night, when I shower.

    At night I use a deep exfoliator (right now, the Gentle powder) but in the morning I need a cleanser that thoroughly cleanses yet doesn't strip my skin.

    This one fits the bill perfectly. I love oil cleansers and have tried many (Shu Uemura, DHC, Fancl, blah blah blah) and this one is my favorite. Not chock-full of chemicals or mineral oil.

    Plus, this oil travels really well. I always bring my skincare with me, but I often have to deal with leakage. This oil has two components that make it the perfect traveler:

    1. A locking pump
    2. A secure cap

    No leakage, ever. No dry, tight face, either.
  • Wonderful!

    I love this cleansing oil. It is lightweight and makes your skin feel wonderful! Originally, I purchased the hydrating mist in Nov 2012 (LOVE IT). That was the only thing I planned to purchase from Tatcha. But, then I tried some of the samples and now I am in love/obsessed with all of their products!!!! I cannot recommend these products enough! This is the first time EVER that I have fallen in love with skin care products! I have placed 4 orders in less than 3 months!

    I have combination skin (maybe a little more on the oily side) that is sensitive and I have had no problems with these products. In fact, my face breaks out with most other skin care products and cosmetics like Mary Kay and retail/department store brands. If I could sell/promote these products I would...I love them that much!!!

    Thank you Tatcha!!
  • Favorite cleanser, EVER.

    I've used so many different cleansers, most of them natural and high end brands. I've done the oil cleansing method which I enjoyed. This cleanser beats them all, hands down. There's no residue discernible and my skin feels so smooth, clean and hydrated. I have also been a faithful Clarisonic user for years, but after using this and the Polishing Powders, I no longer need it. I'm amazed how well it works and how easily and thoroughly it washes off without the use of muslin cloths. Do yourselves a favor and get this, it's just so lovely.
  • Amazing!!!!

    This product is simply amazing!!! Just makes cleaning the face soo easy. I have tried a variety of products such as cleansing waters, cleansing oils and coconut oil but nothing beats to the ease of the tatcha cleansing oil. It gets rid of waterproof makeup and longwearing foundations with no left over residue. I have tried all the products in the 4 step system and have just ordered full sizes of all the products because I love them all. Tatcha also has the best customer service I have come across.
  • Magical

    This cleansing oil removes every last trace of my waterproof eye make-up - and we all know how stubborn waterproof make-up is! The trick is to rub this in thoroughly; if you wash it off and find that you still have some make-up left, then you simply may not have rubbed it in as thoroughly as you could have.

    You apply this cleansing oil to dry skin, and then, after massaging it all over, add water to emulsify it (i.e., turn it into a "soap"). This means you don't need a second cleanser in order to remove the oil. I have to admit, I love watching this oil magically transform into soap at the touch of water (I know, I'm 2 at heart).

    Regular cleansers, even the "gentlest" ones, have always left my skin feeling dry and tight after cleaning. Not so with this cleansing oil - it takes all of my make-up off yet in no way does my skin feel stripped afterwards. In fact, I sometimes wonder if I can't skip the moisturizer … But then I remember that it's still better to apply some.

    Oily-skinned people need not be wary: I am oily- AND sensitive-skinned, yet I have experienced no problems whatsoever with this cleansing oil. In fact, after this experience, I have sworn off all regular cleansers. I recommend this unconditionally!
  • Great make up remover

    I absolutely love this product. It leaves skin clean without an oily feeling like some other oil based cleansers do. Thank you Tatcha!
  • A beautiful start to an amazing routine

    I'll start by saying I worked for Shu Uemura and I'm a cosmetic fanatic, so I've tried at least a dozen types of cleansing oil. What impressed me about Tatcha's Camellia Cleansing Oil was how deliciously rich it was. It felt like a cushion on the skin and thoroughly removed even heavy foundation and eye makeup. While heavier in texture - it rinsed beautifully, leaving skin feeling soft and primed for the magnificent Enzyme Powders. Bonus: It doesn't have a heavy fragrance like most oils and didn't burn the eye are!
  • Delicate and pure

    I had been pretty much on board with using cleansing oil to remove makeup since many years back, so I bought this Camellia cleansing oil without any hesitation, and boy did I make a good choice. This oil feels so gentle on the skin yet it gets the job done beautifully. It also left my skin feeling clean and soft after I washed it off. Love it, thanks Tatcha for another amazing product!
  • Great makeup remover

    I love this camellia cleansing oil, it removes my makeup perfectly and feels so gentle on my skin. I follow this with the rice enzyme powder and my skin feels so soft and smooth;) Will definitely be adding this to my daily routine from now on. Love Tatcha's products.
  • amazing!

    Since I have very acne prone and SUPER oily skin I was a little nervous to use this! I've been using it for a few months now and love it! It takes my makeup off super fast and my skin hasn't been the oily mess it usually is! This product is amazing! Try it you wont be sorry!

    I love this cleanser. I had been using a cleanser that I thought was great until I started using this one. It doesn't irritate my eyes and removes all my makeup. My old cleanser would leave black smudges under my eyes. This one even removes waterproof mascara. And my skin never feels tight as it did with my old cleanser. I worked in the cosmetic industry for years and this is the best cleanser
  • WOW!

    The best cleansing oil I have used! This doesn't sting my eyes, and leaves no residue behind on my face. Removes all makeup, not just eye makeup. Leaves my skin feeling so soft and clean. No need for a follow up cleanser. Thank you Tatcha!!
  • the best clensing oil

    I have a very sensitive skin, plus I like everything to be simple. The camelia cleansing oil is the best of what I tried so far (including more expensive products). It removes easily any makeup, including waterproof mascara, and rinses off. I agree with a previous reviewer that it is better to wipe eyes with a cotton ball before drying your face with a towel, as there can be traces of mascara left after rinsing. Other than that, there is nothing but positives: it is gentle, effective, noniritating and pleasant.
  • Great for dry skin!

    I use this cleansing oil every morning and every night even when I don't wear makeup. I have dry skin and this cleansing oil gives my face that boost of moisture that it needs and instantly softens as well. When I do use it to dissolve my waterproof makeup it immediately melts away and after I wash this oil off it doesn't leave any residue behind and it also smells great! I can see this working beautifully for all ski types.
  • Chic cleansing!

    This is definitely one of the better cleansing oils out in the market at the moment. Bonus points in my books for not being mineral oil based (It is actually surprising how many cleansing oils out there contain mineral oils!). I'm a creature of habit and still like to double cleanse after using a cleansing oil BUT the texture of this is brilliant enough that I am able to tolerate not double cleansing if necessary.
  • Quick and Thorough

    I don't usually wear make up, but when I do I use the Camellia Cleansing Oil to take it off. It is so easy to use and gets everything off in one clean sweep and doesn't make my skin dry afterwards.
  • Best makeup remover ever!!!!

    I've tried other oil cleansers, but nothing compares to this. The feel of it is silky, leaves the skin soft and hydrated. The makeup melts and it's removed completely, no itchy or irritated eyes ever again. I look forward to the ritual and it only takes a few minutes. Thanx TATCHA!!!!
  • An amazing oil!

    I'm so glad i found Tatcha. Its done wonders for my skin. I've tried other facial products, even cleansing oils and this "One step Camellia cleansing oil" is AMAZING!
    I have very sensitive skin, where i break out and since using the oil and rice powders, my skin is clear and smooth.
    I can't say enough about it.
  • Love this product

    This cleansing oil is perfect. The consistency is neither too watery nor too thick. The smell is fresh and clean. It rinses off completely and leaves my skin soft and clean.
  • No more itchy eyes!

    Not only do I have incredibly sensitive skin, but my eyes would itch horribly after using any type of cleanser or eye makeup remover. TATCHA has succeeded in creating an amazing cleanser and eye makeup remover in one, and the best part? No more itchy eyes!
  • I'm in love with this oil

    I break out really easily and never thought of putting oil on my face before but this stuff is magic. I don't know how it works but it melts everything away - even my waterproof eyeliner, mascara and sunscreen. I used to get styes on my water line from my eye makeup not washing off completely with my old cleanser but that has stopped completely. My breakouts seems to have gotten a lot better too! I think the fact that there's no mineral oil in this is why it's working so well for my skin. It smells sooo good too - like a bamboo forest. Thank you TATCHA!
  • Melts away makeup

    This is a fabulous cleanser that absolutely melts away my eye makeup, without leaving my skin feeling dry. In fact, quite the opposite - I feel smooth and soft after cleansing. I'm new to the world of cleansing oils since I always thought they'd break out my acne-prone skin, but not this one. I won't be going back to anything else. Officially hooked!
  • Skeptic turned Addict

    I've battled oily skin my entire life and I never fathomed that "Oil" based cleanser could remove my make-up. Make-up for me is concealer, foundation, powder, bronzer, blush, mascara, eyeliner (waterproof) etc.
    The only face washes I've used in the past were soap based- I loved the foam and the squeeky "clean" feeling. I'd always have to followup with an eye makeup remover.

    After going to a dermatologist to treat my overly greasy and adult acne skin; she suggested I try oil cleansers. ????? was my response!

    Then it finally made sense! What breaks down makeup better than oil! It emulsifies makeup so that it will wash right off. Genius!
    Well that's where the difference is with Tatcha's Cameilla Oil Cleanser; it removes all my makeup including waterproof eyeliner / mascara and rinses off CLEAN, no residue and my skin was soft!
    Not tight and dry from soap cleansers...

    It passed the white towl test - nuff said!
  • It's a miracle!

    I was putting Cetaphil cream on my face several times a day, but now thanks to the cleansing oil (HEAVEN!), powder soap (so cool), and dreamy lotion, my face is moist all day. Not that my skin was bad before, but seriously, my face is baby soft and my complexion is smoother!
  • Makeup removal has never been easier

    This cleansing oil isn't lying when it states it will melt away your makeup! Initially, I was slightly disgusted to see the amount of eye makeup I had applied dripping down my face. Afterwards though my skin felt amazingly refreshed. No drying or that annoying stripped feeling. I use two pumps every night.
  • Clean & Moisturized

    I have finally found a product that takes up all of my eye make-up without irritating my eyes or drying out my skin! This gentle oil can be rubbed all over your eyes without any issues and leaves skin feeling soft, clean and moisturized. If you do wear a lot of make-up however, it may take a bit more than the quarter sized recommendation to get off stubborn eyeliner or waterproof mascara.
  • Makeup be gone

    I was a little apprehensive to put an oil on my face since I'm prone to breakouts but this product didn't seem to cause me any extra havoc. It did remove makeup well (even mascara!) but you do need to wipe under your eyes after you rinse to remove any excess. I liked that it didn't seem to strip my face and completely dry it out like some makeup remover cloths do.
  • Nice & Easy

    The camellia cleansing oil works beautifully!! Removes make up and leave skin soft and feels so good! Definatley would recommend to others!
  • Camellia Cleansing Oil - love at first pump

    The Camellia Cleansing Oil is amazing! It feels so good going on and massaging into the skin. It's not like anything I have ever seen or used before. Thank you for bringing this Camellia Cleansing Oil to my beauty routine, my skin thanks you too.
  • Amazing Cleansing Oil

    I started to use this cleansing oil about 3 weeks ago and have gotten so many compliments on my skin! My skin is more radiant and much softer! Would definitely recommend!

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