A two-week introduction to your essential four-step ritual. The Cleansing Oil removes makeup and melts away the day, while the Enzyme Powder exfoliates to reveal polished skin. The Brightening Serum evens complexion. Nourish skin with the anti-aging moisturizer tailored to your skin type.

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Introducing Our New Sampler Set: Ritual Discovery Kit

HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex, featuring Green Tea, Okinawa Red Algae and Japanese Rice Bran extracts.

Parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oil, sulfate detergents, phthalates, urea, DEA or TEA.

Ritual Discovery Kit | How To Use

Choose Your Skin Type

Normal Skin Ritual Discovery Kit
  • PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil—25mL
  • POLISHED Classic Rice Enzyme Powder—14 x 1g packets 
  • RADIANT Deep Brightening Serum—10mL
  • SUPPLE Moisture Rich Silk Cream—10mL

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Oily Skin Ritual Discovery Kit
  • PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil—25mL
  • POLISHED Deep Rice Enzyme Powder—14 x 1g packets 
  • RADIANT Deep Brightening Serum—10mL
  • SUPPLE Moisture Rich Silk Cream—10mL

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Sensitive Skin Ritual Discovery Kit
  • PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil—25mL
  • POLISHED Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder—14 x 1g packets 
  • RADIANT Deep Brightening Serum—10mL
  • SUPPLE Moisture Rich Silk Cream—10mL

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Dry Skin Ritual Discovery Kit
  • PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil—25mL
  • POLISHED Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder—14 x 1g packets 
  • RADIANT Deep Brightening Serum—10mL
  • AGELESS Enriching Renewal Cream—10mL

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In the East, geisha are known for the mochi hada, or “baby skin” beneath their performance makeup. Her skincare ritual is simple and efficacious, honed through generations of women. Antioxidant-rich ingredients such as healing Green Tea, hydrating Okinawa Red Algae and nourishing Japanese Rice Bran blend to cleanse and nourish for healthy, glowing, baby-soft skin. 

TATCHA Vogue Feature


“Exfoliating Powder from TATCHA”

"My skin is somewhat dull, but TATCHA's Rice Enzyme Powder works like magic to make my skin clean and smooth."

What is the ritual?
An homage to the centuries-old practices of the geisha, the ritual is a four-step regimen for glowing skin.

How many steps are in the ritual?
Step 1: PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil
Step 2: POLISHED Rice Enzyme Powder
Step 3: RADIANT Deep Brightening Serum
Step 4: SUPPLE Moisture Rich Silk Cream or AGELESS Enriching Renewal Cream

What makes this kit appropriate for combination skin?
The POLISHED Classic Rice Enzyme Powder contains Pearl Extract to balance and condition uneven skin.

What makes this kit appropriate for dry skin?
The POLISHED Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder contains Licorice Root to soothe dry skin, while the AGELESS Enriching Renewal Cream features nourishing Peony Extract.

What makes this kit appropriate for oily skin?
The POLISHED Deep Rice Enzyme Powder contains Dokudami, a powerful botanical to combat redness and inflammation.

How long will it take to see results?
When used as a ritual daily, morning and night, results can be seen as quickly as two weeks. For optimal results, continue for at least eight weeks.

What type of Enzyme Powders will be included in my Kit?
There is one type of powder per kit  (Classic powder for Combination, Deep powder for Oily, and Gentle powder for Dry and Gentle).

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  • Great starter kit.

    Don't hesitate to try these products. I love them and I think you will too.
  • All the finer things!

    Once again, I am at awe with the amazing products from Tatcha. i was lucky enough to receive the Ritual Discovery Kit. WOW is all I can say and will continue to do. I just love all of the products and what they have done for my skin. Thank you Tatcha. I feel like one of your VIP customers :) Jackie CH
  • Great value, perfect for those new to TATCHA or for travel

    There isn't a product in this sample I dislike. Yes, TATCHA is a high-end brand and not very affordable. If you love skincare and have always wanted to try TATCHA, this set is a must because it's sold at a very reasonable price. The products have been re-packaged and they feel more luxe, heavy and expensive. I feel like a princess anytime I use any of these products. If your mom's birthday is coming up, or your girlfriend's, best friend, sister, whoever - get this. And get one for yourself as well. LOVE!!
  • Happiness Guarantee

    TATCHA is a company to love. The delivery is fast and the service is unlike any other. The customer service is soooo friendly and they make it right by making you feel special. The products are amazing. Every single one. Love the eye cream, hand cream and the enriching renewal cream. The deep hydration serum is fabulous and lately I've been using the luminous Dewey skin mist to treat my neck. My neck lines seem to disappear. I'm hooked. I traveled to London and the mist kept my skin hydrated. I was luminous upon arrival. Love!
  • Perfect for Travel or Sampler for a new customer

    Last month, a friend sent me Tatcha’s new skincare ritual products in a Travel/Sampler pack. It was perfect for my one-week trip because it had all what I needed – cleansing oil, polishing power, brightening serum and moisture cream. Here is what I think of the products after using them for one week -
    Camellia Cleansing OIL - Unlike other oil-based cleansing products, Tatcha’s product not only took off my makeup and cleaned my face without leaving or feeling any OIL, it also made my skin feel so pure and soft. I started to LIKE it.

    Water-activated Rice enzyme power - As a ‘new 50’ middle aged person, I started with the deep polishing one to get rid of my old and dull skin on the first day, used the classic one on the second day, then used the gentle one in the following 5 days . Even on the first day, I could instantly feel this polishing power made my face feel so polished, soft and silky. I started to LOVE it. (Each pack is enough to be used day and night)

    Brightening serum and Moisture cream - I don’t know how much they have improved my appearance until I attended a wedding last week. Quite a few complimented me on my ‘glowing’ appearance and asked me what I have used to make my face look so smooth and radiant….
    Now I’m In LOVE with Tatcha’s new products!!!
  • Great travel companion

    Love the cleansing oil & serum within the travel set! It's perfectly sized and I love the dropper applicator. I noticed an instant difference in my skin's smoothness and texture. AMAZING!
  • Best Gift

    My sister gave me the sampler set as a gift, and after using the products for two days, I could already notice the amazing difference in my skin. If you are unsure whether or not the products are for you, these samples are the perfect amount to figure out whether or not you like the products.
  • Really decent size sampler pack

    This is really such a great way to try out Tatcha's products, all the samples are beautiful packaged and sized so you can really track their performance and see if they work well for you. Love it!
  • Luxurious

    When you get this sampler set, you really feel special. It is beautifully packaged and you get a letter with a handwritten note.
    The products feel amazing and with just one use, you can see and feel a difference.
    I'm definitely buying more Tatcha products because they are of great quality and the customer service is how customer service should be. The sampler set arrived quickly.
    You really get what you pay for.
    I might just order another sampler set because the sizes are great for travel.
  • Balancing, and beautiful!

    This set was gorgeously packaged as others have mentioned. I also sent Tatcha two emails and they replied same day for both! Really consistent, conscientious customer care and attention to details. My skin, which is usually quite good slightly sensitive combination skin, freaked out after several months of climate change and high stress and developed acne and eczema. It has slowly been calming down, but it's remained extremely sensitive, even to calming products. This kit balanced my dry and blemished areas beautifully (I used the gentle rice powder), and I noticed an immediate calming and clearing of debris/ pores. In a word, fantastic. My mom also tried their eye cream and enjoyed it, so these products are good for all ages!
  • Excellent products and customer service

    About Products:
    I have combination-oily skin with acne and some acne scars.
    Cuz of acne, I have huge pores. however Tatcha saved me!!!
    I have used it for a week. My pores shrinks a lot.
    I wish they have toner in this set, then it will be soooo perfect
    I totally recommend this product!

    About customer service:
    I emailed them about if I should choose classic or gentle rice powder, so the staff suggested to replace deep rice powder to gentle and classic to see how it works on my skin. However, by that time my set was already shipped, so the lovely staff decided to ship a special sets of classic and gentle powders to me with a sweet card.

    I will purchase it again!
  • A new follower--that's me!

    I first bought the Camellia Cleansing Oil and the Rice Enzyme Powder--I loved them immediately and so I ordered the sampler kit. I have been using the sampler kit for one week and I can see a huge difference in my skin--it sort of glows is maybe the best word for it. There is much more clarity in my skin, it just looks so nice--in one week! I simply cannot believe how fast these products work! I bought the Akari crystal also and use it morning and night with the products. I am sold on everything about Tatcha. It is obvious that this company cares! I get my items super fast! They are beautifully and carefully wrapped. And--I get very nice hand written notes too. I am sold. I will be ordering the Ritual kit. Thank you so much! I love the various emails with tips etc. that I get too.
  • TATCHA one step camellia cleansing oil and rice enzyme powder

    This camellia cleansing oil is by far the best cleansing product
    I have ever used. I am not easily pleased because my skin
    has sun damage and can be combination dry/oily/ and just
    plain unpredictable. I have been using Tatcha for a few days
    now, and have already noticed the difference in my skin. It is soft, smooth and healthy looking. I am not a person who writes
    reviews because generally, I am not happy with products I
    order, or buy at the stores. However, Both products I am using and just purchased,the Camellia oil and enzyme powder are amazing. I just had
    to let the Founder of this company know,Victoria Tsai how much
    I truly love this product. My skin is 100 percent Italian, and I am so happy this Japanese Product works for me. Thank You Lisa Ann 51 years young
  • Good products

    I would like to start by describing my own skin. I have relatively oily skin, some large pores, and uneven skin tone. I have some hyperpigmentation from a few acne marks, but I would not say that I have acne-prone skin.
    I bought the Tatcha sampler set in order to try out the products. After about a week and a half of use, I have noticed some clarity in my skin but hardly any changes in the glow of my skin. I haven't had the chance to use the deep brightening serum long enough to notice any difference. I did, however, fall in love with the cleansing oil. My skin looks so clean after using it, and sometimes I don't even feel the need to follow it up with the polishing enzyme powder. I also really enjoy the supple moisture silk cream. It makes my skin feel very soft and moisturized.
    On the down side, the brightening serum did NOT last me 2 weeks, as the sampler set suggests it should. In fact, there were even days I did not use the brightening serum at all. When I did use it, I took 2 pumps (which is within the recommended amount). I was very disappointed that the quantity given for a 14-day sampler was insufficient, and I hope Tatcha fixes this for future customers.
  • A very good way to find out more about TATCHA products

    So pleased with these products, the pleasure started upon arrival. Beautifully wrapped, handwritten card along with the products. Keepers for me are the eye cream, OFCOURSE the rice enzym exfoliator (The Best) and although the enclosed skin cream was too heavy for my normal/combo/mature skin, I did appreciate the texture.

    The Camellia oil cleanser is okay, although not really suited to use for wiping off your eye make up.

    The serum has alcohol in it according to the INCI list. which makes it for me a no go item, do not see the point of this ingredient.

    By the way, the blotting papers are a keeper too plus a great idea for a gift to someone whose skin appreciates some blotting during the day. The package is beautiful (as all of TATCHA items) and I was surprised as to the effectiveness of these blotting rice papers. Seemed to me better than those of other high end brands.
  • Like it!

    Very nice cosmetics, has a very light texture and good moisturising.
  • made a difference.

    i started with this set and was so impressed that i bought the full size products. exquisite, luxurious and affordable. the system makes sense and it works! on top of that this company actually appreciates the investment that i have made with them. customer service like none other! they thought of everything to raise the bar on the shopping experience.
  • Impressive

    I tried the starter set and have just purchased the whole regimen. Made my skin softer, smaller pores and more vibrant overall. Excellent products and synergy between various steps. A bit pricey, but worth it.
  • Surprised!

    I read about Tatcha on magazines. Decided to give the Tatcha sampler set a try. My skin is very dry and sensitive to many products that are too harsh on my skin. Right away, I fell in love with the Rice Enzyme Powder and the Deep Brightening Serum. All three Rice Enzyme Powders were very gentle on my skin and I could feel the particles exfoliating my face. I would recommend the classic powder if you want more of a scrub feel. I could also see a difference after using the Deep Brightening Serum. At 30 years old, I have uneven skin tone with some sun spots on my face. The serum was lightening some of the smaller spots. Overall, my face felt clean and smoother afterwards. Definitely, getting the full replenishment kit!
  • exceptional!!

    great way to try the products , fast shipping and elegant packaging.thank you Tatcha
  • A Miracle!

    TATCHA is nothing short of a miracle for my sensitive skin! Almost immediately, it transformed my skin: the way it looks, and more importantly, the way it feels. It's so soft, I cannot stop touching it! It feels healthy and balanced. It looks bright and clear. No other skin care products I have used has come close to the results I get from TATCHA. Each product in the line feels like the real thing, and not just some artificially scented emollients in a pretty container. The luxurious packaging of this product is matched by the beautiful results. TATCHA is truly extraordinary!

    I just received today and I used three of all the products and I look great. I am so happy I found you - I just love the results and I am 70 years old. It is unbelievable how ingredients can make your skin feel and look. If you are on the FENCE, get this sampler - you will love it. The packaging and care put into the presentation is very professional, beyond anything I have ever seen.
  • Amazing

    I have to admit I was a bit Leary ! So glad I tried it because it works and nothing else ever has !!! This is worth the big investment , I will be ordering more and expecting it to just get better every time I use it
    Thank you for such wonderful product , it is a 10 star rating for me
  • Great products

    This review is long overdue. I have been battling acne for over 15 years, started using Retina like product a few months ago, which causes my skin to be dehydrated and oily (weird I know).

    I started using the gentle enzyme powder as soon as I get the kit and put the rests on the side as I have other skincare products to try out. Despite using "thick" moisturizers, my skin is still dehydrated/ peeling making makeup application in the morning a painful process.

    I decided to use the silk creme one night and WOW what a difference it made on my skin overnight. It is light yet very moisturizing. I was so impressed by the silk creme and enzyme powder that I decided to buy the full size kit.

    I tried the cleansing oil once - I personally am not a fan of cleansing oil so won't be repurchasing that.

    Kelly (Customer Service) has been so helpful. I cannot wait to try their new Deep Hydrating Serum.

    Thank you Tatcha for such great products, now I am hooked :)
  • Seriously The Best

    Let me just start off by saying I'm 30 years old and for 8 years I was a lifeguard so I was out in the sun quite a bit and of course I didn't put on sunscreen as much as I should have. .plus I've been a pack a day smoker and still in the process of trying to quit..with this being said my skin has a few sun spots and my under eyes have fine lines and puffy ness.. I always look like I'm tired and I started to feel like enough is enough..I need to start caring for my skin..

    Now with this being said I thought finding products would be easy boy was I wrong..I've used Olay products, St. Ives, neutragena, and a few others and man still just wasn't happy with what it was doing for my skin some either burned my face, was too oily or there was no improvement what so ever..And buying these products are expensive and thank God I could return them if needed which I certainly did, but still it's a pain..So I went online to the google website and typed the best face creams and Tatcha pulled up..

    I read reviews myself that were posted..all raved about Tatcha products and I figured why not try it so I got the Sampler Set and I'm so thank full I did..I always thought I had normal skin but this kit allows you to try all the different types and it turns out that for me I'm the dry ritual and I wouldn't have known that unless I tried..plus this kit is cheap enough to try for your 1st time in my opinion it was totally worth it!!!

    Now what have I noticed with just using these products in 4 days?? My skin literally glows, is soft, feels clean, radiant, skin tone seems to match through out my face and neck, and even tho I haven't got the eye cream from Tatcha yet I've been putting the silk cream under my eyes and it's reduce slightly my puffy ness and the fine lines..This is only within 4days!!! I can't wait to see what my face will look like and feel like in a month, a year, etc.!!!

    I will never try anything else..I have now become a loyal costumer to Tatcha..after my kit is about to be done I'm going to buy the ritual and yes it is pricey but for me if I know it works then it's worth it to buy..Tatcha is fantastic and I truly mean that..so far so great and because it's that awesome I do plan on trying other products like the eye cream and lip balm..I'm hoping they will be just as awesome..

    I hope this was helpful for those of you looking at reviews right now..I'm telling you get the gift set try it out if you don't like well hey at least you can say you tried and think about it this way, if you add up all the products you probably purchased before you found Tatcha I bet it adds up too about the same price anyway..I was in your shoes at one point so I know how your feeling and probably gone through what you went through..

    Thank you Tatcha for making this available to us all..I seriously can't thank you enough..I really do feel like my search to find the right products are over :)
  • I'm absolutely convinced, this is the best set ever

    This set is so beautiful I just had to try it. I fell in love as soon as I opened the box (which arrived in just 2 days!). The box not only stores the set but is a Japanese work of art in itself.

    Now let me get to the products. The cleansing oil melts away makeup instantly every time when nothing else does. Next, the gentle exfoliant powder started working immediately making my skin feel firmer and more even. The brightening serum faded an age spot I had for over a year then the moisturizer leaves me feeling so hyrdated all day. I'M CONVINCED!

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