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What it is:
The ideal gift box featuring the TATCHA Ritual for exquisite skin. Gift wrapped in a handmade kiribako, a traditional Japanese wooden box used to protect treasured items such as silk kimonos and precious gifts. The box was custom made for TATCHA in the Asakusa district of Tokyo by an artisan shop that has created these keep sake boxes since the 1800's and has dimensions of 32.5 x 20.5 x 8cm.

What this set includes:
- PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil - 150 ml | 5.1 oz
- POLISHED Rice Enzyme Powder - 60 g | 2.1 oz
  (Dry and Sensitive Skin Rituals contain Gentle Powder, Normal Skin Ritual contains Classic Powder, and Oily Skin Ritual contains Deep Powder)
- RADIANT Deep Brightening Serum - 50 ml | 1.7 oz
- SUPPLE Moisture Rich Silk Cream (Dry Skin Ritual contains AGELESS Enriching Renewal Cream) - 50 ml | 1.7 oz
- PETAL FRESH Original Beauty Papers - 1 pack | 30 sheets (except Dry Skin Ritual)

Why it's different:
Brilliantly effective and deceptively simple daily ritual, tailored for different skin needs.

Who it's for:
Ideal for all skin types. Non-irritating. Non-sensitizing. Dermatologist tested.

Key Actives:
HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex, featured in all four products, includes Green Tea, Okinawa Red Algae and Rice Bran extracts.

Formulated without:
Mineral Oil, Synthetic Fragrances, Sulfate Detergents, Parabens, PEGs, PPGs, Urea, DEA, TEA or Phthalates.

One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil
Begin with dry hands and a dry face. Apply 1-2 pumps into the palm of your hand and massage onto face, including around the eyes. Rinse off with warm water. The oil will emulsify into a milk and effortlessly melt away makeup and debris.

Rice Enzyme Powder
Begin with wet hands and a wet face. Pour about half a teaspoon into hands, add water and rub hands together to create a creamy foam. Massage gently onto a wet face in circular motions for 10-20 seconds, avoiding eyes. Rinse and revel in your soft, smooth skin.

Deep Brighteing Serum
After cleansing and polishing, dispense 1-2 pumps and gently masage onto face.

Moisture Rich Silk Cream / Enriching Renewal Cream
Scoop a pearl-size amount of cream with the gold spoon. Massage gently onto face, neck and decolletage in upward strokes. Use day and night, every day.

Original Aburatorigami
For a petal fresh complexion, gently pat a single leaflet anywhere there is excess oil. Will not disturb makeup or steal mosture from the skin. Use both sides of each sheet and discard after use.

Ritual Kiri Gift Box - for Normal Skin Regular Price: $475
Ritual Kiri Gift Box - for Dry Skin Regular Price: $483
Ritual Kiri Gift Box - for Oily Skin Regular Price: $475

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In the West, geisha are known for their intricate stage makeup. In the East however, she is known for the "mochi hada" or "baby skin" beneath her performance makeup. Her rituals are deceptively and brilliantly simple though.

The foundation of her classic beauty ritual is brilliantly effective and deceptively simple — a trio of powerful anti-oxidants, each fulfilling a key role in her regimen:

Green Tea — the healing protector
Rice Bran — the nourishing exfoliant
Okinawa Red Algae — the replenishing moisturizer

These anti-oxidant rich ingredients are at the heart of a diet credited with the extraordinary longevity of the Japanese people.

Tatcha Featured Press

VOGUE Australia

“The Geisha No-Glow”

When setting foot outside for just a few seconds results in an oil spill across a carefully primed complexion, keep TATCHA Japanese Beauty Papers, $16 on hand for touch-ups....These thirsty little squares soak up oil and freshen make up in seconds-nixing the need for fiddly powder.

Tatcha Featured Press


“The rise and rise of the Far East is set to rock our beauty world”

It's rather amazing to suddenly have a whole new clutch of beauty-product descriptions to bandy around. "Milky Waters", "softening lotions", "essences", "powders", "moisture foams"...It's a vernacular familiar to any beauty consumer in Asia but to us it's fresh, exotic, and we want it.

Tatcha Featured Press

Vanity Fair

“Give the Gift of Gorgeous Skin”

The TATCHA Ritual Kiri Gift Box packs all of the skin-care essentials into a precious wooden Japanese keepsake box, custom-made by an artisan shop in Tokyo.

What is the ritual?
TATCHA's skincare collection is a recreation of the classic beauty essentials used for centuries by geisha, famed for their pure, polished, radiant and supple skin.

How many steps are in the ritual?
TATCHA's skincare ritual has 4 effortless steps:
1. Purifying — melt away impurities + even waterproof makeup in just one easy step
2. Polishing — reveal skin's natural pearly luster with an enzyme exfoliant
3. Brightening — boost the skin's natural radiance by diminishing the look of age spots
4. Nourishing — bring the youthful suppleness of skin back by repleneshing vital nutrients and moisture

How do I use this ritual?
Step 1: PURE One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil
Step 2: POLISHED Gentle, Classic or Deep Rice Enzyme Powder
Step 3: RADIANT Deep Brightening Serum
Step 4: SUPPLE Moisture Rich Silk Cream

How long does the ritual take?
TATCHA's skincare philosophy is one of simplicity and effortlessness. The entire ritual can be completed in 3 minutes.

Will this work for me if I am not Asian?
Yes, the benefits of this skincare collection can be enjoyed by all ethnicities because the formulas work to return skin to its original state of balance, the beautiful skin that we were all born with.

How long will it take to see results?
When used as a ritual daily, morning and night, results can be seen as quickly as 2 weeks. For optimal results, continue for at least 8 weeks.

What is the core ingredient in the collection?
At the heart of all TATCHA skincare essentials is our HADASEI-3 Bioactive Complex, a trio of time-tested extracts of Green Tea, Okinawa Red Algae and Japanese Rice Bran. Extremely rich in Epigallocatechin, Beterhelin and Inositol, these potent extracts work together to nourish and boost the skin's barrier function inside and out. The result is beauty in balance — skin that is pure, polished, radiant and supple.

I have sensitive skin. Can I use these products?
All of TATCHA's skincare essentials are dermatologist tested, non-irritating and non-sensitizing. We formulate without mineral oil, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, parabens, PEGs, PPGs, urea, DEA, TEA and phthalates.

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  • Falling in love

    First off, the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. And I love the little attention to detail such as a lovely hand written note from their CEO, Vicky. Having never used a oil based cleanser, it was an adjustment for me as well as a learning experience. One of the immediate positive results was how easily my make up comes off. Even my most sturdiest of waterproof eyeliner and mascara comes off with ease now. I am totally saving $$ by not having to use eye make up remover. The more gradual benefit I've been seeing after using the entire set for 2 weeks now is my acne prone normal/oily combination skin has been smoother and developed that healthy glow. I really love the rice enzyme and brightening serum. It leaves my skin feeling baby soft. The moisturizer is great but a bit to heavy for me to use during the day time so I just stick to it for nightly use. The oil adsorbing sheets are awesome, I just wish the packaging was smaller. Overall, the product is great and I definitely have been seeing benefits. The only downfall would be the price but if everything continues to work the way it has then I think it's worth it!
  • Love it!

    After using the same skincare products for almost 2 years, I was looking for a change. One of my very generous friends gifted this to me and I instantly saw a change in my skin. My old products worked for the first year, then zits started to come back. I ignored it and kept to my same routine. After just three days of using Tatcha's products, my skin completely changed. It was much softer and the zits stopped appearing. I stopped using Tatcha for a few days to finish up my old products, and again my skin changed. Redness, irritation, and zits came back. I will never stop using Tatcha from now on!
  • Excellent Skin Care Line

    I have been fascinated with skin care ever since I've entered the second quarter of my life. I've tried several different high-end products, and I have to say that these work AMAZINGLY well in comparison! I loved the results which I noticed after about two weeks of use. Luckily, my skin tolerated this skin care line very well. I have had problems in the past with "skin adjustment" during the first few weeks, but with this, NO problems at all (and my skin now appears more radiant and soft). The rice enzyme powder definitely works ladies!

    Really love the blotting papers too. They remove the sheen from my T-zone leaving my makeup fresh and intact. I love that there is no powdery residue which tends to irritate my skin. To sum it up, HIGHLY recommend the Ritual Kiri Gift Set. Makes a great gift!!
  • luxurious gift

    One of my best girlfriends was getting married and didnt want traditional registry gifts. I'd read about TATCHA in Vogue and loved the idea of time-tested steps to reveal better skin. I bought myself the travel set at first then went on to buy the powders and serum as they were so amazing. I then gave this as my friend's wedding gift. She was blown away by the exquisiteness of the packaging and design. This is the perfect gift for the person who has it all.
  • what have you done to your face???

    Earlier I received Tatcha’s new skin care product line – the Ritual as a gift, and I started to use them when I was taking a trip three weeks ago. I immediately fell in love with the camellia cleansing oil and the rice enzyme power, because I could instantly feel that these two products make my face feel so polished, soft and silky. However, I don’t know how much it has improved my appearance until I attended a luncheon with a group of friends in town this week. Quite a few complimented me on my ‘renewal’ appearance and asked me what I have done (like non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatment? ) to make my face look so smooth and radiant……….WOW! I love Tatcha!!!

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