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My Secret Kyoto

Kyoto is magical in countless ways — a blend of ancient heritage and modernity of endless discovery and possibilities.

“even geisha love ramen...”
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For Beauty’s Sake

Sharing a glass of sake is synonymous with Japanese history and hospitality, deeply symbolic and at the heart of nearly every traditional ceremony, celebration and gathering. The complex flavor of the fermented rice spirit, at once sweet and dry, celebrates a grain that has been a beauty and dietary staple for centuries.

“Though enjoyed year-round, Oct. 1 is designated as Sake Day ...”
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two hearts, one love

Watching a movie at home with my five-year old daughter, Alea, is one of our favorite ways to spend an evening together, and one of the things I miss most when my travels take me far from home — sometimes for weeks at a time.

“The serendipity of life never ceases to amaze me ...”
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Clues to the Blues

The distinctive character and qualities of natural indigo dye have long captivated the imagination of artisans and craftsmen. Its color is the result of oxidation, as the fabric becomes blue after being exposed to air, and various processes produce different results.

“There are specific names for each of the nearly 50 shades of blue the fabric becomes ...”
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Moon with a View

The arrival of the harvest moon—the full moon that falls closest to the autumnal equinox—always brings a certain charm as it heralds cooler weather and longer nights.  So when I heard that this Sunday’s moon is a particularly rare phenomenon called a “supermoon” that coincides with a total lunar eclipse, I realized that this harvest moon is even more meaningful.

“...looking at the moon has long been a favorite way for me to gain new perspectives...”
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