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Worth the Wait

Every day, we receive an email or query asking us if Tatcha will ever add a sunscreen to the collection. Until today, the answer has been the same for many years: We were hard at work, tinkering with ingredients to create something truly special, unlike any other sunscreen and one worthy of being part of every woman’s daily skincare ritual. It is truly a special day for all of us here at Tatcha to finally be able to introduce this luxurious treasure: Silken Pore Perfecting Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 35.

“Every formulation we make is a labor of love...”
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Blue Haiku

When it comes to expressing a single idea or sentiment with precision, it’s hard to top Japanese haiku — a word derived from the Japanese phrase “haikai no ku” meaning ‘light verse.’ Even though I don't read poetry regularly, it's easy for me to get lost in haiku.

“...I found a few with the word ‘blue’ just for you.”
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Once in an Indigo-Blue Moon

Few botanicals are as captivating as Japanese Indigo. Famous for the brilliantly blue dye made from its foliage, the plant is also prized for its powerful anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial benefits for the skin. It holds a rarified place in Japanese culture because of its long history and symbolism. Despite its familiar hue and distinguished heritage, not many are familiar with the flowers that burst forth each year just before harvest.

“...they are a rare sight to all but those tending the fields.” 
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Making Sense of Sensitive Skin

Having sensitive skin changes your life in so many ways, more than many would imagine. For most of my life, my skin was naturally resilient and problem-free.  Then about a decade ago, I noticed some mild redness and stinging on the back of my neck. The rashy, red bumps transformed how my skin looked, and felt. Every minute, every motion brought an itchy, uncomfortable reminder that something was not quite right. 

“Trying to narrow down the cause of the reaction was a slow and tedious process, and letting go of my favorite beauty products one-by-one was a tremendous disappointment.”
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Beauty in Balance

After my first glimpse into the geisha’s beauty rituals, I realized that Japanese skincare is designed to work with the skin instead of against it. Like their diet, the ingredients they use on their faces are focused on balancing and calming the body, ideas which are rooted in traditional Eastern medicine. 

“Efficacious, anti-inflammatory ingredients, such as Japanese Indigo, soothe the skin while repairing and healing the damage caused by inflammation.”
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