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The art of the deep clean, with Marie Kondo

My journey to creating Tatcha is guided and inspired by Japanese philosophies and practices. In order to craft treasures with authenticity, our work extends beyond skincare into self-care.


“I spoke with my now-friend Marie Kondo to learn more about her life-changing, magical practice, and how our shared Japanese philosophies inspire our work.”
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11 ways to make mornings easy

As much as I treasure the early hours of the morning, precious moments of getting ready to head out the door can feel like the most stressful part of my day. Inspired by Japanese wisdom and wellness practices, here are a few of my favorite tips to start the day off right:


“I hope these Japanese tips and tricks help you start your days off right.”

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12 easy gifts that make you look good

Does anyone else find joy in giving gifts - perhaps even more than in receiving them? I love treasure-hunting for my family and friends, but inevitably, the year goes by so quickly that I end up feeling rushed for time.


“This year, we compiled a gift list inspired by some of our closest friends.”

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8 little ways to spark joy in others

I heard a beautiful Japanese phrase recently: tokimeki, a romantic word for excitement or heartbeat. It captures the feeling of joy in unboxing a gift selected by a loved one.

“Here are a few easy ways to make someone’s holiday simply magical.”

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More Than a Lipstick

In Japan, you can’t help but notice that tea is more than just tea, a fan is more than just a fan, and sake is more than just sake. Behind these seemingly everyday objects lies a dedication to a craft, elevating them to an art. The thought and care applied by each artisan—whether making sake (a lovesong to Japan’s cherished staple, rice), whisking green tea (a symbol of Japanese hospitality) or wrapping a gift (a way to show love and care)—makes even the humblest activities feel luxurious.

“This Japanese artistry and attention to detail inspired us...”
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