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Handwritten, from the Heart

When I first started Tatcha, I fulfilled every online order myself, in my apartment. I was so grateful for each and every person who discovered our little beauty papers that I would write a note of thanks with every order. 

“...the time I spent at my desk writing thank-you notes became my happy place.”
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Wrapped with Love

When visiting Japan, I noticed that gifts are given for even the smallest occasions. Any meeting or introduction is complete with an exchange of brightly colored candies or a lovely notebook. 

“...the perfect way to thank someone for bringing magic to your life.” 
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Enjoying The Most Beautiful Time of the Year

When I first visited Japan, I was surprised and delighted at the culture of gift-giving. Whether visiting a high-end department store or a humble shop tucked away, the sales associate would happily provide extra bags and wrapping paper if I mentioned I was purchasing a gift.

“I learned that gift-giving is an everyday part of life...”
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Beauty by the Cupful

After a rainy evening in Kyoto, it’s not unusual to spot heart-shaped leaves peeking through narrow spaces between buildings and cracks in the sidewalk. These ubiquitous plants are dokudami (Houttuynia cordata), a medicinal herb famed throughout Asia for its healing benefits.

“Japan’s eldest elephant, Hanako, drinks dokudami tea several times a day ...”
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My Secret Tokyo

The hustle and bustle of Tokyo can be overwhelming for many first-time travelers, which is why I am always so grateful to have my wonderful friend Nami Onodera by my side.

“...a few insider tips to help you have a memorable, authentic experience in this magical city”
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