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Journey to Kyoto

I began Tatcha as a love song to Kyoto and to share the treasures and stories from my journey. Kyoto is where it all began, where a new approach to beauty unfolded before me. When the Four Seasons reached out, inviting Tatcha as a brand partner and marquee facial for their newest property in Kyoto, it was a dream come true.


“I saw a place where craft and honor drive everyday life”
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Wrapped in a Dream

Whenever I visit Kyoto, I am mesmerized by the countless craftsmen who have honed their arts, steeped in centuries of tradition. But what I find especially inspiring in Kyoto is the way these timeless arts elevate the everyday. Our Yume Bracelets are made from a gold-threaded Japanese brocade that was once reserved for nobles and brides. Masaki Hirose-san, the artisan behind the bracelets, transformed this storied fabric into an elegant accessory that can be enjoyed in a new way.

“made exclusively by imperial looms and valued as highly as precious gems were in the West”

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Caring for your Eyes

Eyes are one of the first things I notice when I meet someone. When I think of the most beautiful women I’ve met, their beauty is reflected in the kindness and joy in their eyes. Regardless of age, expressive eyes are undeniably appealing, but they also need a little extra care because of the delicate skin around them.

“The good news is there are simple and effortless ways to care for your eyes.”
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Five Travel Secrets to Kyoto

While Kyoto is home to many famous attractions and UNESCO world heritage sites, it’s also rich in hidden treasures, many of which are easily overlooked. No matter how many times I visit Kyoto, I discover something new about the city’s little-known secrets. Here are a few of my favorite tips for exploring this ancient capital city.


“a shrine to beauty in the heart and the body”
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The Heart of Back to School

To me, “back to school” season has always represented a fresh start. As Alea enters first grade, I think of parents, students and teachers around the world readying their school supplies and lessons. It makes my heart swell to imagine their eagerness and excitement.

Education is one of the most powerful gifts that my mother gave me, and that I can pass down to Alea. That is why I am honored to announce that thanks to you, together we have funded 737,000 days of school for incredible girls through our partnership with Room to Read.

“this motivates me to work harder and with more heart every day”

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