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The Good, The Bad, The Oily—the truth about oils in your skincare

Ever since I was a teenager, my skin has been firmly in the “oily” category. While this is a blessing (it wards off wrinkles!), it always made me wary of the oil-based cleansers and leave-on treatment oils I saw lining the shelves.

In creating Tatcha, I worked with our scientist friends to sort out the fact and fiction around using oil on your skin. They taught me that all oils are not considered equal and introduced me to Camellia Oil.

"This wondrous oil is the foundation of several of our beloved formulas."
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Japanese Skincare vs. K-Beauty

I am often asked why, as an American-born Taiwanese woman, I would choose to create a company born from Japanese skincare and heritage.

The truth is that skincare is deeply rooted in all Asian cultures, but each country has a unique approach. Asian Beauty as a whole is enjoying immense popularity today, but the distinct rituals and ingredients of each culture stretch back centuries.

“In particular, we often see Japanese and Korean beauty either confused or grouped together. Both emphasize cleansing the skin, and both have a love for sheet masks, but there are more differences than similarities.”

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Small Changes Make a Big Difference

After the countdown, the ball drops, there’s a big celebration, and the next morning, we wake up to a brand new year. It’s a chance to start fresh with a clean slate. Thinking about making big changes on January first can be a bit daunting. So instead of making new year’s resolutions that seem impossible to keep, I’m focusing on small things that can lead to a big difference.


“do wonders for your body, mood and relationships”
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97% of Women in Japan Use This

When we explored the centuries-old beauty book that inspired our collection, we kept coming across reference to something called “beauty waters.” I immediately asked our geisha friends what that meant.

“For centuries, geisha used beauty waters to replenish and enhance their skin. Now, women in Japan use an Essence.”
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10 Life Lessons from a Japanese Monk

Before I began traveling to Kyoto, it often felt like every day was “busy.” It seems like everyone these days feels rushed and preoccupied, but so often that means lots of activity with little movement.

“On my last trip to Kyoto, a Buddhist monk inspired me to make small, but transformative changes in my life.”
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