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Two Journeys

We are so honored today to be celebrating one million days of school funded through our partnership with Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program.

When I first heard of Room to Read, the story of the founders resonated with me—people who had left the corporate world to pursue their dreams. The more I learned about the organization, its reputation for transparency and excellence, and their commitment to growing and learning, the more inspired I became.

"When you educate a girl, it impacts not only her quality of life but the community around her."
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Reaching A Million Days

My time with the geisha taught me that beauty begins in the heart and the mind. This beautiful philosophy inspired me to create Tatcha, and also shaped our philanthropic model: each full-size skincare purchase funds a day of school in partnership with Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program, helping nurture beautiful minds.

Now, we are honored to celebrate the funding of one million days of school.
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How to be a Mindful Multitasker

Fast-paced modern life often requires multi-tasking, which can leave me feeling off-balance and pulled in too many directions. When I start to feel that way, I think back to Kyoto.

“I love the way they are able to marry the efficiency of multitasking with the grace of mindful living.”
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10 Easy Ways to be Worry-Free

In my journeys to Kyoto, I always take the time to visit one of the oldest temples in Kyoto and meditate. In a busy life, it can be easy to get swept up among the to-do lists, swim lessons with my daughter and morning meetings. Often, an hour of meditation feels out of reach.

“I wanted to share with you a few of my favorite easy ways towards a more worry-free day.”





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The Good, The Bad, The Oily—the truth about oils in your skincare

Ever since I was a teenager, my skin has been firmly in the “oily” category. While this is a blessing (it wards off wrinkles!), it always made me wary of the oil-based cleansers and leave-on treatment oils I saw lining the shelves.

In creating Tatcha, I worked with our scientist friends to sort out the fact and fiction around using oil on your skin. They taught me that all oils are not considered equal and introduced me to Camellia Oil.

"This wondrous oil is the foundation of several of our beloved formulas."
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