When met with a new product and its claims of greatness, the question on every woman’s mind is (so often and quite understandably), “That’s nice, but will it work for me?”

We set out to answer this ever-looming query beyond a shadow of a doubt. Partnering with a renowned scientific lab, we conducted a 56-day, independent clinical trial. A panel of women used TATCHA’s skincare ritual twice a day for eight weeks and the results were glowing. In the first set of findings, women answered qualitative questions about differences in their skin. One hundred percent of participants reported a more youthful-looking face, notably dramatic smoothing of deep wrinkles and lines around the eyes and mouth. Additionally, 90 percent said their skin was noticeably smoother, firmer, and more hydrated. In tandem with survey results, measurements were also taken either directly from the skin or via medical photo imaging analysis. These findings were even more undeniable, indicating up to 155 percent increase in moisturization, up to 70 percent decrease in pore size, and up to 56 percent reduction in hyperpigmentation (age spots). Additionally, the measurements indicated up to 60 percent decrease in depth of wrinkles and up to 50 percent decrease in redness.

These results were astounding, but not surprising. After all, our ingredients and methods have been tested not only by modern skincare experts but also by three centuries of geisha wisdom and ritual. Thus, science once again confirms what nature illuminated long ago.

Experience the results for yourself. 

Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

published June 2012

Beauty Secrets
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Photo 1: Photo Credit: Kimio Takeyama

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