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A Personal Quest: The Tatcha Journey

A Personal Quest: The Tatcha Journey

Growing up, I took my skin for granted. It was nearly flawless and I had no idea how lucky I was for that—until later in my career when I had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest beauty companies in the world. After months of product testing for some of the most expensive brands on the market, I developed acute dermatitis. This is commonly defined as including rashes, blisters and crusting. But the words don’t do it justice. The hives, bleeding blisters and scaling covered my face, including my lips and eyelids. It was difficult to face people.

It took a year of topical and oral antibiotics and steroids to regain control and doctors told me that, even then, my skin would never be the same. They couldn’t tell me exactly what had caused my reaction. It could have been just about anything. (On that note, a 2006 study conducted by Chemical Safe Skincare Research found that the average woman absorbs over five pounds of toxins annually from her bath, body and skincare products.)

For a time after that, I became a “green freak” using only all-natural and organic products. These didn’t prove to be any better. Believing there simply must be a better solution, I headed out in search of a more evolved approach to skincare. Remembering my mother’s wisdom, I traveled to Japan where I was fortunate enough to encounter the rituals of the geisha.

I still have minor scarring, and my skin is permanently sensitized (which makes me a perfect tester for the line!), but using the geisha’s beautiful, simple, time-honored ingredients truly healed me. So many origin stories sound like fairy tales. TATCHA, however, was born from a personal journey. A real woman with real skin issues. So inspired, I knew I must share my discoveries with present and future generations.

In creating TATCHA, my goal was to provide a safe, effective way to keep skin looking and feeling its best. By far, the best part of this work has been hearing from fellow women about how much more beautiful they feel in their skin after using our products. I graciously thank each of you for sharing your stories with me—with all of us at TATCHA. We are ever-honored.




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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published February 22, 2013
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