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A Mask Like None Other

A Mask Like None Other

While sheet masks are the latest beauty trend to arrive on our shores, they have been a core part of the geisha’s beauty rituals for centuries.

Between the lines of text in one of our foundational manuscripts, the Miyakofuzoku Kewaiden, I saw a glimpse into these beauty treatments in a woodblock illustration. According to the text, geisha and noble women brewed essences of tea leaves, flowers and herbs and steamed strips of leftover kimono silk over this enriched elixir. Geisha then placed the essence rich silks on their faces, letting these vital extracts sink in.

Inspired by this classical beauty treatment, I wanted to create a modern mask of our own that could hold moisture to the skin the same way that enriched silk drapes over skin. In our research, we came across a unique material designed to quickly aid in the healing of burn victims’ wounds. Made of coconut-derived biocellulose, these sheets formed a hydrating, protective layer over the skin. When I tried it on for myself, I was amazed by the way the sheet conformed to my hand: it didn’t budge or slide when I moved.

To create one of Tatcha’s signature, ultra-concentrated treatment masks, the coconut water of one whole coconut fruit is treated and purified until it turns into a flexible, gel sheet. These sheets are then immersed in a special blend of Okinawa Red Algae, hyaluronic acid and our proprietary, anti-aging Hadasei-3 Bioactive Complex. Okinawa Red Algae, a marine botanical harvested from Japan’s southernmost tropical islands, is prized for its ability to replenish skin’s natural moisture barrier and enhance skin’s barrier function.

When applied to the skin, the highly concentrated sheet of coconut water forms a special occlusive layer over the skin. Beneath the sheet, skin is flooded with our hydrating, anti-aging blend of botanicals. This special layer makes it possible for the skin to receive the treatment benefits in a matter of minutes. Once the treatment mask is lifted away, the texture of the newly hydrated skin is smoother, skin looks brighter and fine lines are visibly plumped, making for a truly youthful, luminous complexion.

We are thrilled that so many of our friends tell us they get the same results from a Tatcha treatment mask as they would from a facial at the spa. Even in independent clinical testing, we saw instant, beautifully stunning results. After a fifteen-minute treatment with a Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask, clinical measurements showed that on average, women experienced a 197% increase in the hydration of their skin and 100% agreed their skin felt firmer and smoother after one use. The results are not only in the numbers, but most visible on the photos from the study participants.

Our Deep Hydration Lifting Masks are a weekly part of my ritual, especially when my skin needs an instant renewal. I love being able to carry along an envelope that contains everything I need for a spa-quality glow at any time. When I’m on the road, sheet masks are an essential—so much so that I like to call them my cheat sheets for sleep. The immediate plumping effect, from the flush of hydrating botanical extracts and the unique, coconut-derived mask, leaves my skin glowing and lifted.

As with all of our discoveries, they bring me most joy when I can share them with my friends. This treatment is a simple and effortless addition to any skincare ritual for a visibly plumped, luminous complexion without having to leave the peaceful comfort of home. It is my hope that our mask brings you fifteen minutes of blissful renewal and a long-lasting glow, no matter where you are.


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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published January 13, 2016
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