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A Mother's Day Letter - First Rituals

A Mother's Day Letter - First Rituals

Dear Alea

You are eight and half now and you are already a beautiful young lady inside and out. You still love what you see in the mirror and have not learned to criticize yourself. I pray that you'll always see yourself with gratitude and self kindness.

Since you were old enough to stand, you've been by my side every morning and night in the bathroom as I get ready for work and later when I wind down for the day. You watch intently and silently mimic my motions, patting your face and pretending to put on lipstick.

A few weeks ago, you sheepishly asked me if you could have your own ritual, which I loved. We created a little space for you with your favorite blue formulas. You don't need anti-aging treatments yet by any means, but you already love washing your face and patting on sunscreen.

It means so much to me that you're starting off with the understanding that skincare is self-care and that your little ritual book ends your day with a few moments of personal renewal.

As you grow up, your ritual will evolve and grow with you. Remember that less is more, to use formulas that are pure and to treat your face like it's the only one you've got because Mommy worked hard to make that sweet face!

Hopefully you'll always have Tatcha there too as a reminder of our journey together and how much I love you.



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Victoria Tsai
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Published May 13, 2018
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