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A New Morning, a New Ritual

A New Morning, a New Ritual

My frequent travel brings me many new discoveries, treasures and friends to cherish. In this abundance, I find it challenging to be present and make the most of the moment, as I am pulled between Kyoto and San Francisco, between work and home. Building a personal morning ritual has been my secret to achieving this presence of mind.

Creating a ritual is simple. Although each step is repeated, with an effort to be mindful, it is a new experience every time. In Japanese, this idea is embodied in the phrase, ichi-go, ichi-e, which translates to “just this one moment, once in a lifetime.” Ichi-go, ichi-e speaks to the unique beauty of each moment, added up to make the sum of a life.

Every morning, I wake up early to give myself time for my ritual, while the house is still and quiet. I cleanse my skin to awaken my senses, using the Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil to give myself a one-minute lymphatic massage and then follow with the Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder to start the day with a smooth, bright canvas.  After cleansing and moisturizing, the Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum is a new favorite essential in my morning ritual. I pull this new treasure out of my fridge, where the naturally-cool ceramic applicator receives an extra boost that makes applying the serum a refreshing experience. The Eye Serum instantly smoothes and firms my under-eye area, which can be prone to puffiness.  

After caring for my skin, I brew a pot of green tea, letting its sweet, grassy fragrance awaken my senses. I began drinking green tea in the mornings after so many encounters with my geisha friends. The familiar, crisp flavor of green tea always reminds me of them and the meditative tea ceremonies they host. Over a steaming cup, I reflect on my intentions for the day.

With a focus for the day, I am ready to embrace Alea’s boundless energy and be fully present when we talk about what the day ahead of us looks like. My morning isn’t complete without my breakfast with Alea. Now, mornings at home are made more lively by our two new kittens—Romeo and Juliet. Sometimes Romeo swats at Juliet’s tail, other times they curl up together, sweetly purring. But, always, they are present for breakfast.

As I go about my day, the Eye Serum has become my go-to for touch-ups, especially during longer days. I apply it over makeup, especially while traveling or for meetings with press. If your concealer tends to settle, the Eye Serum evens it out by smoothing fine lines while leaving eyes feeling refreshed. Okinawa Red Algae, the cornerstone ingredient in every treasure in the Luminous Collection, replenishes skin with moisture, plumping thirsty areas. A fine dusting of 23-karat gold brightens shadows, deflecting light so that I don’t need to reapply concealer. Taking a moment to touch-up with this Eye Serum is transformed into a mini-ritual and gives me a moment of tranquility and self-reflection.

Following my ritual gives each day a beginning that feels special. Whether it’s remembering the way Alea kisses my cheek that morning, or giving my skin a little extra care, or something our furry friends did during breakfast, these beautiful little moments in the early hours are the foundation of my day.

What is your morning ritual? I would love to hear how you begin each day, too.


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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published January 26, 2016
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