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A renewed sense of gratitude

A renewed sense of gratitude

Every year, when the anniversary of 9/11 appears on the calendar, I am reminded how everything changed in a heartbeat. I was working in finance, and my then-fiancé and I worked on separate floors of a building connected to the Twin Towers.

The events of that day put instantly my life into crystal-clear perspective. Like many, I vowed to cherish each moment and stop taking even the smallest things for granted. In the years since, however, the very real demands of living in a big city, raising a family and starting a company have commanded more of my time and attention.

To become more mindful in my life and to return to practicing everyday gratitude, I began exploring meditation techniques. I learned that the exercises—deep breathing, focusing on the heartbeat, relaxing the body—are all a means to an end. The real goal of meditation is to become present in the moment, appreciating beauty and sharing yourself completely with those around you.

Sept. 11 reminds me of just how much I have to be grateful for. This year, I am inspired to start a new journey of awareness with TATCHA’s friends and family. I’d like to share with you the little things I am doing to simplify my life and work towards becoming a better person. I wish I could say it’s easy—that being a mother and creating a company while striving to inspire and educate those that visit us at TATCHA is effortless. The fact is, I struggle to maintain a balance, just like we all do.

On a recent weekend getaway, I wrapped myself in a blanket and sat outside to look at the stars. I remembered my grandfather, and how he made time to meditate every single day. As a child, his stillness confused me, but I was always impressed at how calm and accepting he was of the world around him. His family had been touched by hardship and loss, and yet he found a way to see the good in people and the courage to create a new life for himself. I’ve heard meditation dismissed as a new-fangled obsession of Silicon Valley techies, but it has been an integral part of Asian life for thousands of years.

Today reminds me of the importance of mindfulness and gratitude—especially as we head into the busyness and distraction of the holiday season. Many studies have shown the benefits of meditation and mindfulness, yet more proof that science can only prove what nature has illuminated long ago. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.



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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published September 11, 2014
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