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A Season of Joy

A Season of Joy

One of the many charms about Kyoto is that its four seasons are distinctly beautiful. In winter, the snowfalls create glittering white vistas, frosting temple roofs and footbridges. By night, parks are illuminated by snow lanterns while toasty baths in natural hot springs or hinoki cypress tubs are enjoyed. Even tea is prepared and served differently: a kettle is heated in a hearth called a kama and brewed tea is sipped from seasonal cups that retain warmth. I love that even in the snowy hush of winter, the Japanese make it a time of year that feels festive and cozy.

The special care that they put into making this season a joyful one inspired this year’s holiday collection. We wanted every moment that touched our gifts to be filled with thoughtfulness. From our pure and clean formulations, to the handwritten note you receive, to the cheerful red mizuhiki cord wrapped around the gift box, each package is put together with the spirit of bringing you joy.

My holiday wish for you is a season of warmth and brightness. Whether you find some much-needed zen in a cup of tea or in sharing a teapot with loved ones, I hope your holidays are filled with a million moments of joy.  


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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published November 2, 2016
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