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A Simpler Way to Shine

A Simpler Way to Shine

As spring color fills landscapes that used to be grey, one word keeps coming to my mind: abundance. When the world wakes up from winter, every little blossom seems like a reminder of how much beauty lies behind our everyday scenery.

Of course, as a mother, I also know that all this abundant new life needs to be taken care of. While my daughter, Alea, blooms before my eyes, it can be a rush to get her to school, swim lessons, and back home on time. As a businesswoman, I know that successes are exciting yet often bring added responsibilities.

So abundance gives, but it asks something of us, too. As wonderful as it is to have such a full life, how can we keep from being overwhelmed by all the new opportunities blossoming around us?

I’m still learning, but here are some of the ways I care for myself while still being a mother and entrepreneur, so I can still enjoy the beauty around me.

First, it is essential to prioritize which aspect of your wellness affects you most. Whether it’s diet, exercise, or sleep, make sure you make time for the one most important to you. For me, this is sleep—I’m committed to having at least eight hours each night.

Meditation is another method to keeping your mind as clear as your body.

Having someone to talk to—a partner, best friend, or even your cat—can help release some stress. Often, simply saying whatever is on my mind out loud helps me let go of some tension.

Importantly, give yourself permission to feel beautiful and to take time to care for yourself. Set standing appointments for massages, a manicure, a hair appointment or whatever it might be to help you feel cared for.

Try taking a couple minutes in the mornings or evenings and let it just be you, looking back at yourself into the mirror. My favorite thing to do in these precious moments is to let myself shed the day. While cleansing my face with One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, I feel unburdened all over. Adding a short, 30-second temple massage helps me relax even more deeply right before rinsing. Looking into the mirror after this simple ritual, I see someone who looks much more tranquil. When I’m in the shower or bath, the Cleansing Oil also doubles as a soothing shaving cream, saving space and money. Once a week, I also use it to clean cosmetic brushes, because it doesn't dry out the natural bristles.

But it’s good for more than just grown-up grooming—I’ve also discovered that it is great for dissolving marker stains or sticky stuff that Alea sometimes gets into. Keeping some in my car lets me wipe away any mishaps and send her back into her own busy day clean and fresh.

Another of my favorite multi-taskers is our Ageless Revitalizing Eye Cream. For many, motherhood often means less sleep, so a gentle layer of the Eye Cream helps nourish tired eyes, brightening dark circles and soothing any puffiness. I often dab a bit on my lips to condition this sensitive area and prep for lipsticks. The cream even works as an excellent primer for eye makeup, helping pigment last through a long day.

On the rare evening you find yourself with an extra 15 minutes, I recommend trying a Deep Hydration Lifting Mask, curling up in cozy corner and enjoying a good book (and perhaps a sip or two of sake). I like to think of these masks as “skin forgiveness” because they replenish moisture so quickly and effectively that it looks as if I’ve spent an afternoon at the spa.

By focusing on a simple ritual, taking care of myself becomes something to savor instead of simply another chore to finish before bedtime. I can enjoy the abundance of my busy life, and still have a few moments left to stop and smell all those sweet new flowers.



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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published April 20, 2015
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