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A Treasured Ingredient for Pearl-Fect Eyes

A Treasured Ingredient for Pearl-Fect Eyes

The first time I visited a beauty apothecary in Kyoto, I was entranced by the treasures that lined its shelves. I was enamored by the lacquer-handled brushes, pots of pigment and little cloth satchels. What caught my eye was a bell jar housing what appeared to be a mound of flour, with a single pearl nestled on top.

My companion, Yuko, told me that the pile was actually crushed pearl—a beloved brightening ingredient. I was familiar with the outward beauty of pearls, but had no idea they were also beneficial for the skin.

Our skincare scientists at Tatcha Institute taught me that pearls are rich in amino acids that support natural collagen production and protect skin from the yellowing or browning that comes with age (known as glycation).

Just like our skin, a pearl has an inner glow. The quality of a pearl is measured by its “luster”, defined as how much light is reflected off the inner core. Three things are needed for optimal glow: a translucent outer layer, even density throughout, and a perfectly smooth finish.

The Japanese jeweler Mikimoto took all these qualities to create perfection: the Akoya pearl. Cultured in cool waters off the coast of Japan, these pearls are considered amongst the most precious in the world, with superior brilliance and a mirror-like quality.

In creating The Pearl, an eye treatment and underlight, we harnessed the Akoya Pearl’s radiance to illuminate eyes with the same natural luster. Thanks to this cherished gem, the result is a hydrating, treatment that awakens eyes and reduces the look of dark circles and wrinkles instantly and over time. We hope you enjoy this newest discovery for bright and beautiful eyes.


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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published May 19, 2018
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