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A Universal Red Lipstick

A Universal Red Lipstick

There’s no shortage of evidence that red is a captivating color that immediately draws the eye. So it’s no surprise that timeless beauty icons from geisha to Marilyn Monroe to Taylor Swift embrace this striking color as a signature look, versatile for daytime and evening. Personally, I spent years thinking I couldn't pull off a red lip, and opted for muted, paler shades of pink. Then, a dear friend who is also a celebrity makeup artist, asked me to create a custom red for a beloved A-lister. At the Tatcha Institute, I began experimenting with all kinds of pigments and formulas and was surprised to find myself growing more and more fond of the look as we worked on a shade that would look good on everyone every time, everywhere. Now Kyoto Red is my go-to shade—it always boosts my mood, especially when I’m facing a challenge or a new experience. Working in skincare and with my appearances on QVC, I often feel pressured to have luminous skin, even after a long journey. I've found that Kyoto Red instantly illuminates my skin, giving me the glow of a good night's sleep.  Because there are so many red lipsticks in the world, we knew we had to make one that would truly flatter every skin tone, last all day without drying, and most of all, feel luxurious.

Creating the Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick required advanced technologies and rare ingredients, including pure silk powder and a blend of brilliant, high-intensity pigments. The base pigment contains a touch of yellow to counterbalance the undertones in the lips, which creates a neutral foundation. Microscopic spheres of warm and cool-toned red pigments are blended together to reflect light and create a unique illuminating effect for everyone who wears it. With a matte finish, Kyoto Red not only looks good on everyone, it also looks a little different. Kyoto Red will appear more blue or red depending on your skin tone, because it is a true neutral and compliments every undertone. So get ready to receive lots of compliments whenever you wear it, because I promise you will. And I would love to see what it looks like on you, so please share a photograph of yourself wearing this iconic color on our Facebook page, Instagram or in the comments field below with #KyotoRed.



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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published April 15, 2015
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