When one of my geisha friends took me to the small boutique in Gion where she purchased her face powder, eye liner and other skincare items, I was surprised by how simple and straightforward everything seemed—especially compared to the sprawling cosmetics departments in Western department stores. Between rows of lacquer-handled lip brushes and packages of pretty potions, she picked up a couple of colorful washi envelopes. They were filled with finely milled rice powder, she said, and were used to gently exfoliate the skin. Intrigued, I bought a small sleeve of it to take home myself.

“The luminous skin I had been trying to create with makeup and other treatments was achievable with this pure, simple ingredient.” 

That night, after I rinsed the rice powder from my face, I was shocked by the glow and baby-soft texture of my skin. After some research, I learned that the active ingredient in the rice powder is komenuka, or Rice Bran. In that moment, I realized that the luminous skin I had been trying to create with makeup, prescription topical and other treatments was achievable with this pure, simple ingredient.                                                                                                       

The inspiration for all of our Polished Rice Enzyme Powders is Rice Bran, which is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, UV absorbers, moisturizers and skin-safe brighteners. For additional benefits to the skin, we formulated with active ingredients for each skin type:

Classic: is ideal if you have normal to dry skin, with crushed pearl for conditioning and nourishment;

Deep: is ideal if you have normal to oily skin, with Japanese Wild Rose and Leopard Lilly to visibly tighten pores and clarify skin;

Gentle: is ideal for dry skin, with licorice root extract to moisturize and help prevent tightness;

Indigo: is ideal for sensitive skin, with natural Japanese indigo to calm and soothe

As we tested various formulas, I realized that I could customize my exfoliation and treatment to meet the changing needs of my skin. Using the other formulas was helpful depending on changing factors such as stress, hormonal fluctuations, environment or even a lack of sleep. I personally like to use the Deep Rice Enzyme Powder once a month for a more traditional scrub, especially after wearing heavy makeup for a television appearance. For an even more intense exfoliation, I make a gommage with a few drops of Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil and the Classic Rice Enzyme Powder, and gently massage the corners of my nose, lips and hairline for a more invigorating exfoliation. When traveling, I prefer the Indigo Soothing Rice Enzyme Powder because it keeps me glowing even when I’m between multiple time zones. During warmer months, when the air draws moisture away from my skin, I switch to the Gentle Rice Enzyme Powder. These daily fluctuations can be balanced through different enzyme powders.

Adjusting your rice enzyme powders is the easiest way to tailor your skincare ritual. I love hearing how some of my friends like to blend different types of Rice Enzyme Powders, or use one for the morning and another for the evening. Do you have any favorite ways to use Rice Enzyme Powders? I’d love to learn your tips and tricks!


Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

published June 2015

Ingredients, Beauty Secrets
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