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A blissful bath

A blissful bath

One of the most important rituals in Japan is the daily bath. During one of my first visits, the process was carefully explained to me: you clean yourself entirely before setting foot in the tub, then enjoy a long, relaxing soak in the warm water. I quickly fell in love with this practice, and now trade in my hurried showers for a luxurious bath whenever I can find the time.

The chaos of the holidays is an especially important time to take a moment for yourself. At Tatcha, we often say that to perform a ritual is to pause time for a moment to find peace—a hot bath is a perfect way to pause time.

As an added treat, I love to sprinkle pine needles in the tub because it smells like I’m in the forest. They are prized in Japan for their delicate fragrance and health benefits—the slender needle is rich in vitamins C and A, so I always imagine my skin is soaking up some extra nutrients. I also learned that, in Japan, the evergreen pine has come to represent longevity, good fortune and steadfastness. Sometimes I add sliced yuzu or lemons to the water because I love how invigorating and refreshed I feel afterwards.

How do you add a touch of luxury to your bathing rituals?

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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published December 22, 2014
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