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Beauty Through the Ages

Beauty Through the Ages

Many of us dread the aging process, spending much time and energy attempting to fight back the years with aggressive treatments, surgeries, injections and other means. But this is not the case in many parts of the world, and that inspires me to understand how I can celebrate my face and body at every age. While traveling in Japan I heard the phrase “Bijin ni toshi nashi,” means “Beautiful women have no age,” something I agree with wholeheartedly.

Understanding your skin’s natural process is the key to acceptance, and appreciating that there are two basic kinds of aging: internal and external. Diet, exercise, genetics, smoking, sun exposure -- even gravity – all play a role in skin’s appearance.  But there are many things you can do to keep your complexion looking its best. Here are some of our favorite tips: 

In your 20s: Breakouts, sunburns and inconsistent cleansing can stress the skin. Our advice: invest in a great cleanser/exfoliator. Wear sunscreen every day and avoid prolonged exposure and tanning beds!

In your 30s - 40s: The childbearing years take a hormonal toll and breakouts can still be an issue. This is also when the first signs of aging appear – including fine lines, dry patches and dullness. Our advice: Leave the teenage acne products behind because they are too harsh and drying (as are foaming cleansers, alcohol-based toners). A daily moisturizing treatment is a must.

In your 40s - 50s:  With careers in full swing, travel and stress can wreak havoc with hydration. The loss of fullness around the orbital bone and cheeks can lead to sagging, Our advice: Targeted moisturizers like eye creams and serums are essential, as is daily exfoliation, which keeps skin cells turning over at a healthy rate for a fresh, healthy looking glow.

In your 60s - beyond: Skin becomes thinner and more delicate, leading to a loss of elasticity. Spots may appear more pronounced. Our advice: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize – and smile!


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Victoria Tsai
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Published August 14, 2013
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