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Blue Haiku

Blue Haiku

When it comes to expressing a single idea or sentiment with precision, it’s hard to top Japanese haiku — a word derived from the Japanese phrase “haikai no ku” meaning ‘light verse.’ Even though I don't read poetry regularly, it's easy for me to get lost in haiku. With just 17 syllables and three lines, these poems are breezy reads that span the emotional spectrum, even humor (which tend to be my personal favorites). Often they address a single moment or a subtle shift in the changing of the seasons, distilling a single moment or abstract concept in a visceral way. These deceptively simple, perfectly selected words transport me in an almost meditative way, drowning out surrounding sounds and engaging all my senses in a way that I can literally hear the chirping of a bird, see its red feathers or feel the warmth of the sun kissing my toes. In honor of our newest Indigo launch (the Soothing Triple Recovery Cream), I found a few with the word “blue” just for you. Do you haiku too? Share your favorites in the comments below.

“...I found a few with the word ‘blue’ just for you.”

“Hi! My little hut
Is newly-thatched I see...
Blue morning-glories”
― Kobayashi Issa

shall resuscitate
blue mountain wind
 — Kunio Kawashiro
cherry blossom chill—    

Picasso’s blue droplet           
on her eyelashes               
— Ken Ohshiro

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Published July 20, 2015
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