The art of the deep clean, with Marie Kondo

My journey to creating Tatcha is guided and inspired by Japanese philosophies and practices. In order to craft treasures with authenticity, our work extends beyond skincare into self-care.


“I spoke with my now-friend Marie Kondo to learn more about her life-changing, magical practice, and how our shared Japanese philosophies inspire our work.”
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Five Tips for Momtrepreneurs

Dear Alea,

You are seven years old now, but wise beyond your years. You understand so much and are such a good traveler that I’ve been taking you on work trips with me. The more you understand about my work, the more questions that you have. I love having you feel like a part of Tatcha because you were born on the same day that Tatcha started selling in stores. You are like my twins. 


"You started giving me advice about work and we decided to write them down." 
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Citizen in Chic

It’s always a wonderful treat to have some tea and catch up with my very busy friend Ayesha Curry (mother of Riley and an entrepreneur herself). On our most recent catch-up session, she introduced me to her friend Jess Lee, founder of an online contemporary clothing company called Modern Citizen.

“Fall is always the best time for rich textures and colors.”
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Sometimes, in the midst of the daily whirlwind, there comes a moment when time stands still as a thought or feeling crystallizes in a new way. Last week I had one of those moments when the new issue of Inc. magazine landed on my desk, declaring Tatcha the 21st-fastest growing private company in the country over the past three years. 


“We’re grateful each and every day for the fans and friends who believed in us from the beginning ...”
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