Japanese Anti-Aging Superfoods

I am often asked about the most surprising or unexpected things that I learned from the geisha. The most unexpected lesson has also become my favorite: Beauty begins from the inside out. This means two things to them: one, that beauty begins in the heart and the mind; and two, that skincare goes far beyond what you put on your skin.

“The geisha’s secret skincare diet—3 superfoods for healthy, youthful skin—is the basis of our new Essence.”
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Beauty by the Cupful

After a rainy evening in Kyoto, it’s not unusual to spot heart-shaped leaves peeking through narrow spaces between buildings and cracks in the sidewalk. These ubiquitous plants are dokudami (Houttuynia cordata), a medicinal herb famed throughout Asia for its healing benefits.

“Japan’s eldest elephant, Hanako, drinks dokudami tea several times a day ...”
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Moon with a View

The arrival of the harvest moon—the full moon that falls closest to the autumnal equinox—always brings a certain charm as it heralds cooler weather and longer nights.  So when I heard that this Sunday’s moon is a particularly rare phenomenon called a “supermoon” that coincides with a total lunar eclipse, I realized that this harvest moon is even more meaningful.

“...looking at the moon has long been a favorite way for me to gain new perspectives...”
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A Plum Treat

Although I have had many memorable meals in Kyoto, I remember one late summer supper with a friend at a restaurant nestled between leafy trees. The evening was warm, and the first course was an aperitif, a short glass filled halfway with a beautiful, golden liquid. 

“...a signature flavor in Japanese cuisine.”
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