Japanese Skincare vs. K-Beauty

I am often asked why, as an American-born Taiwanese woman, I would choose to create a company born from Japanese skincare and heritage.

The truth is that skincare is deeply rooted in all Asian cultures, but each country has a unique approach. Asian Beauty as a whole is enjoying immense popularity today, but the distinct rituals and ingredients of each culture stretch back centuries.

“In particular, we often see Japanese and Korean beauty either confused or grouped together. Both emphasize cleansing the skin, and both have a love for sheet masks, but there are more differences than similarities.”

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97% of Women in Japan Use This

When we explored the centuries-old beauty book that inspired our collection, we kept coming across reference to something called “beauty waters.” I immediately asked our geisha friends what that meant.

“For centuries, geisha used beauty waters to replenish and enhance their skin. Now, women in Japan use an Essence.”
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Less Is More Skincare

One of my favorite books right now is by a lovely woman named Marie Kondo, called “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing.” In it, the author offers practical steps to mindfully purge, clean and organize your treasures. I appreciated the straightforward advice of the KonMari Method, but particularly loved the philosophies behind it. 

“The Japanese minimalism and serenity that informs the KonMari method also inspires the Japanese art of skincare.”
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Japanese Anti-Aging Superfoods

I am often asked about the most surprising or unexpected things that I learned from the geisha. The most unexpected lesson has also become my favorite: Beauty begins from the inside out. This means two things to them: one, that beauty begins in the heart and the mind; and two, that skincare goes far beyond what you put on your skin.

“The geisha’s secret skincare diet—3 superfoods for healthy, youthful skin—is the basis of our new Essence.”
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