12 easy gifts that make you look good

Does anyone else find joy in giving gifts - perhaps even more than in receiving them? I love treasure-hunting for my family and friends, but inevitably, the year goes by so quickly that I end up feeling rushed for time.


“This year, we compiled a gift list inspired by some of our closest friends.”

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8 little ways to spark joy in others

I heard a beautiful Japanese phrase recently: tokimeki, a romantic word for excitement or heartbeat. It captures the feeling of joy in unboxing a gift selected by a loved one.

“Here are a few easy ways to make someone’s holiday simply magical.”

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Five Tips for Momtrepreneurs

Dear Alea,

You are seven years old now, but wise beyond your years. You understand so much and are such a good traveler that I’ve been taking you on work trips with me. The more you understand about my work, the more questions that you have. I love having you feel like a part of Tatcha because you were born on the same day that Tatcha started selling in stores. You are like my twins. 


"You started giving me advice about work and we decided to write them down." 
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Small Changes Make a Big Difference

After the countdown, the ball drops, there’s a big celebration, and the next morning, we wake up to a brand new year. It’s a chance to start fresh with a clean slate. Thinking about making big changes on January first can be a bit daunting. So instead of making new year’s resolutions that seem impossible to keep, I’m focusing on small things that can lead to a big difference.


“do wonders for your body, mood and relationships”
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