A Mask Like None Other

While sheet masks are the latest beauty trend to arrive on our shores, they have been a core part of the geisha’s beauty rituals for centuries.

“Inspired by this classical beauty treatment, this modern marvel floods the skin with glowing hydration...”
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Overnight Sensation

Sleep is a dreamy restorative for the inside and out. While we sleep, our bodies undergo a renewal that can be felt in the mind and body, down to the cellular level. I always make sleep a priority.

So when our leading chemist, Nakamura-san, showed me a new formula that revitalizes skin overnight, I was jumping with joy in our laboratory. It’s the first treatment in our collection that renews skin while you sleep: the Luminous Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate.

“I was astonished to see the jelly-like concentrate immediately melt into my skin, leaving it luminous and satiny.”

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Okinawa: Secrets to Luminosity

At first sight, the wonder of Okinawa is clear: pristine, white-sand beaches line each lush, verdant island in this archipelago located about 400 miles off the southern tip of Japan. The islands are abundant with vibrant hibiscus, orchid blossoms and eye-catchingly colorful birds. In addition to its natural beauty, Okinawa’s residents are famous for their health, vitality and happiness that extends into their long lifespans.  


...beneath the surf, where the secrets to its luminosity lie.

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Beauty by the Cupful

After a rainy evening in Kyoto, it’s not unusual to spot heart-shaped leaves peeking through narrow spaces between buildings and cracks in the sidewalk. These ubiquitous plants are dokudami (Houttuynia cordata), a medicinal herb famed throughout Asia for its healing benefits.

“Japan’s eldest elephant, Hanako, drinks dokudami tea several times a day ...”
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