The art of the deep clean, with Marie Kondo

My journey to creating Tatcha is guided and inspired by Japanese philosophies and practices. In order to craft treasures with authenticity, our work extends beyond skincare into self-care.


“I spoke with my now-friend Marie Kondo to learn more about her life-changing, magical practice, and how our shared Japanese philosophies inspire our work.”
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Japanese Skincare vs. K-Beauty

I am often asked why, as an American-born Taiwanese woman, I would choose to create a company born from Japanese skincare and heritage.

The truth is that skincare is deeply rooted in all Asian cultures, but each country has a unique approach. Asian Beauty as a whole is enjoying immense popularity today, but the distinct rituals and ingredients of each culture stretch back centuries.

“In particular, we often see Japanese and Korean beauty either confused or grouped together. Both emphasize cleansing the skin, and both have a love for sheet masks, but there are more differences than similarities.”

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An Interview with Akiko Yamazaki

One of the first things I learned when I met a real geisha is that geisha, or geiko as they’re called in Kyoto, translates to “art person.” They are the living, breathing embodiment of classical Japanese arts, perfecting their work every moment of every day. Every geisha I’ve met brings a timeless tradition to life in her own way.

That’s why I feel such a close connection to the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. For the past fifty years, this iconic museum has brought a world-class collection of contemporary and ancient artworks. Their thought-provoking exhibits bring Eastern art to Western audiences, aligning with Tatcha’s mission to bring classical Japanese beauty rituals to modern women everywhere.

I was fortunate on one my visits to the museum to meet Akiko Yamazaki, Chair Commissioner and Trustee of the Asian Art Museum through a dear mutual friend. Akiko is one of the warmest people I’ve met, and we instantly bonded over a shared love for Kyoto and Japanese art. In addition to being an expert in the arts, Akiko is also a highly accomplished equestrian and owns championship-winning horses. Her eye for craftsmanship and artistry is an inspiration, and has helped lead me to new discoveries.

In honor of the Asian Art Museum’s 50th Commemoration and Golden Gala, I am so excited for you to get to know Akiko.

“Some journeys will culminate in a definite result and some journeys are for the long haul…”
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In the Bag: An Interview with Fiona Kotur

I first met Fiona three years ago, when we were introducing Tatcha to Joyce Beauty, in Hong Kong. She is a fellow Wellesley alum, and our friends in common said that I must meet her. When I finally walked into her showroom, I was stunned.


“the smaller the bag the better the evening...”



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