97% of Women in Japan Use This

When we explored the centuries-old beauty book that inspired our collection, we kept coming across reference to something called “beauty waters.” I immediately asked our geisha friends what that meant.

“For centuries, geisha used beauty waters to replenish and enhance their skin. Now, women in Japan use an Essence.”
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10 Life Lessons from a Japanese Monk

Before I began traveling to Kyoto, it often felt like every day was “busy.” It seems like everyone these days feels rushed and preoccupied, but so often that means lots of activity with little movement.

“On my last trip to Kyoto, a Buddhist monk inspired me to make small, but transformative changes in my life.”
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A Season of Joy

One of the many charms about Kyoto is that its four seasons are distinctly beautiful. In winter, the snowfalls create glittering white vistas, frosting temple roofs and footbridges. By night, parks are illuminated by snow lanterns while toasty baths in natural hot springs or hinoki cypress tubs are enjoyed. Even tea is prepared and served differently: a kettle is heated in a hearth called a kama and brewed tea is sipped from seasonal cups that retain warmth. I love that even in the snowy hush of winter, the Japanese make it a time of year that feels festive and cozy. 


“each package is put together with the spirit of bringing you joy”
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Journey to Kyoto

I began Tatcha as a love song to Kyoto and to share the treasures and stories from my journey. Kyoto is where it all began, where a new approach to beauty unfolded before me. When the Four Seasons reached out, inviting Tatcha as a brand partner and marquee facial for their newest property in Kyoto, it was a dream come true.


“I saw a place where craft and honor drive everyday life”
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