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More Than a Lipstick

In Japan, you can’t help but notice that tea is more than just tea, a fan is more than just a fan, and sake is more than just sake. Behind these seemingly everyday objects lies a dedication to a craft, elevating them to an art. The thought and care applied by each artisan—whether making sake (a lovesong to Japan’s cherished staple, rice), whisking green tea (a symbol of Japanese hospitality) or wrapping a gift (a way to show love and care)—makes even the humblest activities feel luxurious.

“This Japanese artistry and attention to detail inspired us...”
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Why Face Masks Shouldn’t Hurt

At least once a week, packages arrive at my door on the same day I've placed the order. (Who doesn't love same-day shoes?) We are spoiled by instant gratification—we love convenience, speed and incredible efficiency.


“I'm intrigued by instant, dramatic results promised in the latest skincare trend: face masks.”
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Tips and Tricks with our New Luminous Treasures

As a frequent traveler, what I love about our newest additions to the Luminous Collection—the Luminous Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate and Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum—are their versatility. After incorporating them into my daily ritual and taking them with me on my journeys, I’ve found some ways that these treasures do double (and even triple) duty.  


“Even over makeup, the Eye Serum plumps away fine lines and creases for an effortless touch-up”

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Daniel Martin’s Tips for Looking Luminous

Tatcha is what it is today largely because of a handful of people who believed in us and shared our love for beauty born from time tested tradition.

Daniel Martin was one of these angels, a supporter who saw what we were trying to bring to the world, championing our cause from our earliest day and becoming a lifelong friend in the process.

As a celebrated editorial makeup artist, he is on speed-dial for the world’s top beauty editors, dressing the faces that grace magazine covers every day, creating the looks on the world's top runways and inspiring many of his friends and colleagues (myself included) daily.

He is, in fact, the inspiration for one of the newest additions to our collection: the Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Serum. Daniel reached out to tell me that he loves the firming, plumping qualities of our Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Mask, but there were times when he didn't have 15 minutes to prep the skin before applying makeup on his famous faces. Instead, he asked, could we somehow bottle it? And that was when the Luminous lightbulb went on.

I am honored to call Daniel a friend, and delighted to share some of his beauty secrets.

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