Room To Read

Two Journeys

We are so honored today to be celebrating one million days of school funded through our partnership with Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program.

When I first heard of Room to Read, the story of the founders resonated with me—people who had left the corporate world to pursue their dreams. The more I learned about the organization, its reputation for transparency and excellence, and their commitment to growing and learning, the more inspired I became.

"When you educate a girl, it impacts not only her quality of life but the community around her."
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Reaching A Million Days

My time with the geisha taught me that beauty begins in the heart and the mind. This beautiful philosophy inspired me to create Tatcha, and also shaped our philanthropic model: each full-size skincare purchase funds a day of school in partnership with Room to Read’s Girls’ Education Program, helping nurture beautiful minds.

Now, we are honored to celebrate the funding of one million days of school.
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One in a Million

The holidays are a beautiful time with festive decorations at every turn and plenty of joyous gatherings. It can be very easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of the season. For me, reflecting on the work that we do with Room to Read helps slow things down and find meaning this time of year.


“With your help, our goal is to reach a million days by the end of the year.”
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The Heart of Back to School

To me, “back to school” season has always represented a fresh start. As Alea enters first grade, I think of parents, students and teachers around the world readying their school supplies and lessons. It makes my heart swell to imagine their eagerness and excitement.

Education is one of the most powerful gifts that my mother gave me, and that I can pass down to Alea. That is why I am honored to announce that thanks to you, together we have funded 737,000 days of school for incredible girls through our partnership with Room to Read.

“this motivates me to work harder and with more heart every day”

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