Journey to Kyoto

I began Tatcha as a love song to Kyoto and to share the treasures and stories from my journey. Kyoto is where it all began, where a new approach to beauty unfolded before me. When the Four Seasons reached out, inviting Tatcha as a brand partner and marquee facial for their newest property in Kyoto, it was a dream come true.


“I saw a place where craft and honor drive everyday life”
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Five Travel Secrets to Kyoto

While Kyoto is home to many famous attractions and UNESCO world heritage sites, it’s also rich in hidden treasures, many of which are easily overlooked. No matter how many times I visit Kyoto, I discover something new about the city’s little-known secrets. Here are a few of my favorite tips for exploring this ancient capital city.


“a shrine to beauty in the heart and the body”
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Fascinating Things You Didn’t Know About Indigo

From the shores of Okinawa Island, to the ocean’s deep is a natural wonder: a gradient from white-sand shores and translucent waters to a midnight blue. This stunning sight inspired our newest treasure, the Ruri Okinawa Indigo Scarf. Hand-dyed by artisans who harvest Indigo in an untouched part of Okinawa, the Indigo Scarf has fascinating ties to its tropical provenance and a history of Japanese Indigo. I was surprised to learn these fascinating facts about the Indigo dyeing process.

“the transformation remains a captivating mystery”

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A Charmed Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! This day of love has always had a special place in my heart—who doesn’t love a reason to celebrate with chocolate? But my favorite part of Valentine’s Day isn’t just the indulgent treats, it’s also the sweet, heartfelt cards and mementos for loved ones.

“a little reminder of the goodness it was meant to bring you”

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