Valentine’s Day has always held a special allure for me — any day that revolves around chocolate is a happy one, indeed.  (This year, it also happens to mark 10 years with my husband).

The generous and loving spirit surrounding the day has a charm all its own, from the construction paper hearts exchanged in kindergarten to grand romantic gestures and proposals. Here in the U.S., women are often showered with roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolates from current or would-be suitors, but in Japan, there is a sweet twist. There, girls and young women, often shy when it comes to showing affection, use the holiday to boldly express their affection. The most popular token to show their love? Chocolate, of course. 

The department stores of Japan offer an unparalleled selection, flying in elaborately crafted and artisinal brands from all over the world. Girls are quite selective when it comes to chocolates for their would-be sweethearts. Others eschew the brands to make chocolates themselves.

At TATCHA headquarters, we will take any excuse to pull out our favorite confections. We wanted to share with you a few of our go-to pieces – perfect to share with your loved ones (or just enjoy all by yourself)! What's your favorite kind of chocolate or what kind would you most like to receive as a gift? Tell us in the comments below!




Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

published January 2014

Room to Read, Holidays
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Photo 1: We're head-over-heels for Christopher Elbow's beautiful creations.

Photo 2: We love this standby favorite, but add See's Chocolate to a gorgeous golden box and we can't say no.

Photo 3: We are huge fans of gold-leafing here at TATCHA, so naturally the Palet D'Or from Bottega Louie in Los Angeles is a favorite.

Photo 4: Recchiuti's signature burnt caramel truffles always make out hearts flutter, especially this special "Hearts in Motion" collection. Photo courtesy Tom Seawell Photography.

Photo 5: This sweet-salty-crunchy concoction is an office favorite - a bar never lasts long in TATCHA HQ.

Photo 6: The truffles from La Maison du Chocolat are a decadent treat.

Photo 7: Tokichi, a chocolatier in Kyoto, is known for green tea sweets like the set above.

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