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Cleaning up the mess: the truth about cleansing oils

Cleaning up the mess: the truth about cleansing oils

As many of you with children know, every day seems to bring a new adventure. Alea in particular manages to get herself into weekly scrapes. With this history, I was not entirely shocked when she arrived home from daycare coated in black marker – I have long stopped asking questions about what happens in daycare. Although I hadn’t tested the Camellia Cleansing Oil on marker before, it seemed worth trying. Fortunately, just like waterproof makeup, the marker melted away and was gone before she could start fidgeting.

In my career in the skincare industry, I’ve heard a lot of fact and fiction around face oils. Alea’s squeaky-clean face (at least until dinnertime) reminded me to share some of the knowledge I’ve learned over the years. So here it is: the truth about face oils, as inspired by a three-year old.

Firstly, not all oils are created equal. Different oils have different molecular weights and structures, so some (like cocoa butter) can cause breakouts while others (many botanical oils) are non-comedogenic. Some of our favorites include squalane, camellia oil and macademia nut oil.

Non-comedogenic oils can benefit all skin types – yes, even oily skin! Like dissolves like, so a good oil cleanser will melt away excess sebum, in addition to debris, sunscreen, and makeup without stripping away natural moisture.

Certain botanical oils are particularly compatible with the skin and have anti-oxidant, anti-irritation and anti-microbial properties.Oils are also wonderful as a leave-on treatment. They create a light barrier to keep in your skin’s hydration and protect it from the environment. Leave-on oils are more appropriate for dry or combination skin, but still should not cause breakouts as long as they are non-comedogenic.

Since I got over my fear of oils, they have become part of my daily routine. And once Alea finds her way into my makeup supply, I’m sure she will rely upon them, too! I hope this helps some of you venture into the world of oils and try something new. I think you’ll be glad that you did.



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Published June 13, 2013
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