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De-Mistifying Skin Mists: Answering Your Biggest Questions About Facial Sprays

De-Mistifying Skin Mists: Answering Your Biggest Questions About Facial Sprays

Dear friend,

Have you ever stood near the base of a waterfall and felt its light, refreshing mist grace your skin? This soothing gift of nature is precisely what we’ve aimed to replicate with our two distinct facial mists: the new The Satin Skin Mist and our beloved fan-favorite Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. Each of these formulas is made in Japan with pure ingredients that provide distinct benefits for skin, but we often field questions from client friends about mists as a category: What do facial mists do? Do I need one? How do I pick?

Because we want to help make your beauty ritual the absolute best it can be, we’ve answered your most common questions — below.

Why do I need a mist?

As you interact with your environment throughout the day, you’re likely to begin experiencing more effects of skin dryness or dehydration. Dryness, caused by a lack of oil in the skin, can feel tight, itchy, and uncomfortable. Dehydrated skin, which lacks water, appears dull and can feel uncomfortably dry, oily, or even a combination of both. Neither experience is pleasant, but both can — at least temporarily — be alleviated by an appropriate mist.

Where does a mist fit into my skincare ritual?

Many people think of their skincare ritual as being split into two parts: morning and evening. However, there’s ample opportunity to care for your skin throughout the day, and the easiest way to do so is with a mist. The beauty of formulas like our Luminous Dewy Skin Mist and new The Satin Skin Mist is that they can be used anytime, anywhere, both under and over makeup, whenever you feel the need for a dose of refreshment. Many of our friends keep bottles of their favorite mist on their desks at work, or in their gym bags for a post-workout refresher.

What types of mists and sprays exist on the market?

The mist category is massive, with options depending on your desired result:

  • Setting sprays, which act like a veritable spritz-on glue which adheres makeup to skin so that it doesn’t budge throughout the day.
  • Mattifying mists, which create a fully shine-free surface for skin, but tend to be alcohol-heavy and dry out the complexion.
  • Hydration sprays, which serve to simply refresh with a small burst of water; however, these mists can sometimes accelerate moisture evaporation on the skin if they lack humectant ingredients.
  • Treatment mists, Tatcha’s favorite form of facial spritz, focus on skincare benefits above all. These sprays often offer great cosmetic benefits, but these are a secondary consideration — skincare comes first.

Our two treatment mists each have their own special benefits. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect from each.

Luminous Dewy Skin Mist:

  • A silky veil of hydration for luminous skin
  • Leaves skin dewy and glowing
  • Formulated with rich botanical oils, hyaluronic acid, and Okinawa red algae, , along with Tatcha’s anti-aging superfood trio, Hadasei-3
  • Ideal for normal to dry skin types

The Satin Skin Mist:

  • A refreshing liquid powder for smooth, balanced skin
  • Leaves skin satin-smooth without added shine
  • Formulated with Okinawa clay, Japanese wild rose, and Japanese seagrass, along with Tatcha’s anti-aging superfood trio, Hadasei-3
  • Ideal for combination and oily skin types

How should I choose a mist?

Try using mists based on your skin concerns: for dry skin, opt for a spray like the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist that contains nourishing botanical oils. For oily yet dehydrated skin, consider refreshing on the go with an oil-free formula that contains polysaccharide-rich ingredients to aid skin’s water retention, like the Hadasei-3-infused The Satin Skin Mist.

If your skin is truly middle-of-the-road normal, then simply choose a mist based on your ideal look of skin: dewy glow or satiny smooth. The former can be achieved through the pure botanicals of our dewy mist, while the latter is best served by the liquid powder formula of our satin mist. You can swap mists on a daily basis to achieve whichever look you desire.

No matter your skin type, it’s best to avoid formulas that are high in alcohol. Instead, opt for mists with an abundance of nourishing botanicals and other active ingredients that are kind to your skin and lack astringent harshness!

Thank you for welcoming us into your life — we love bringing you moments of Zen throughout the day.

Wishing you peaceful moments and exquisite skin,

The Tatcha Team

Published May 20, 2019
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