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Fall fresh: discover your seasonal skincare ritual

Fall fresh: discover your seasonal skincare ritual

In Japan—unlike San Francisco—you truly experience four distinct seasons. While I love the warmth of summer, the extreme weather can have a strong impact on the skin. As the colors change and the air grows cooler, I am ready to shed away the summer skin. I love the feeling of clearing away the debris of summer to reveal fresh, fall-ready skin.

- If you’re like me, you may have spent a few too many days soaking up the sun. To erase any discoloration and shed debris, exfoliate daily with our gentle, non-abrasive exfoliator. As you work away the last signs of summer, you will reveal new, youthful skin beneath. P.S. The Rice Enzyme Powder is perfect for the neck and décolletage, which are quick to show sunspots.

- Our Radiant Deep Brightening Serum will help calm the skin and prevent any future hyperpigmentation. The light hydration it provides is perfect to layer beneath your daily moisturizer as you prepare for the drier days of autumn.

- This summer, I spent precious days by the pool and at the beach with my daughter—Alea simply could not get enough of the water! The chlorine and salt will quickly dry out skin, so this is a perfect time to rehydrate and keep skin healthy.  Our Deep Hydration Lifting Mask and Deep Hydration Revitalizing Eye Mask boost the skin’s moisture content by 200% in fifteen minutes, helping to replenish it’s water reservoir. Follow with your favorite moisturizer and you will be ready for the chilly days of fall.

Three simple steps—polish, brighten and hydrate—will help keep your skin glowing all season long. I hope your autumn is a beautiful one!

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Victoria Tsai
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Published October 22, 2014
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