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Five Things My Daughter Taught Me On Mother's Day

Five Things My Daughter Taught Me On Mother's Day

Every Mother’s Day, I write a letter to Alea. My hope for these letters is that when she’s older, she’ll rediscover what we experienced together. When I sat down to think of what to write this year, my mind kept going back to all that Alea has taught me, even at the tender age of six.

Children have an innate honesty to them and a pure way of seeing the world. Alea is easily the most joyful person I know. She’s resilient—and that’s not to say she doesn’t get upset (or throw the occasional temper tantrum)—and bounces back from any disappointments. To her, every day is wonderful.

In the spirit of learning from someone who’s full of joy, here’s Alea advice for moms, in her own words:


“Yesterday was a long time ago.”

Alea said this to me when I was feeling down about something that happened the day before. As a mom, it’s easy to feel guilty long after the fact. But Alea is right: it’s important to let go and be in the present.


“If you want to be happy, be nice.”

This was Alea’s response when I asked her the secret to being happy. Even though she’s unaware of the recent studies on how acts of kindness can make you a happier person, it’s intuitive from a child’s perspective.


“Magic is real.”

I was touched to hear Alea say this because it’s something I believe. When I traveled the world looking for a new approach to beauty, it was in Kyoto that magic felt real. On my first visit, time seemed to stand still as I was introduced to a place where heritage and art came to life. It’s not easy to put into words, but in Kyoto, I found a world that inspired me to focus my energies into what truly matters in my heart.


“Exercise more. Eat your fruit.”

Beauty begins from the inside and out; it’s not just about what you put on your face. Eating well and doing exercise whenever you can will give your skin a true glow.


“Every mom should have a ‘honeydew’ list.”

As a mom, it can sometimes feel like you have to do it all. A partner, close friend or someone who’s there to help you with the small (and big) stuff is a treasure. A “honeydew” list, or “honey, do this” list is a way to let someone help out and lighten the load.


As a bonus…

“Tatcha makes your skin pretty.”

(I trained her well.) Taking care of your skin reveals your natural glow at any age.


To Alea: thank you for all the brightness and joy you bring me every day. I hope you remember these teachings as you grow up.

To all our Tatcha friends who are celebrating their moms, and who are moms: wishing you a beautiful Mother’s Day with your loved ones. I’d love to read any advice you’ve received from your mom or daughter. Please share any words of wisdom in the comments below.


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Victoria Tsai
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Published May 5, 2016
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