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Five Tips for Momtrepreneurs

Five Tips for Momtrepreneurs

Dear Alea,

You are seven years old now, but wise beyond your years. You understand so much and are such a good traveler that I’ve been taking you on work trips with me. The more you understand about my work, the more questions that you have. I love having you feel like a part of Tatcha because you were born on the same day that Tatcha started selling in stores. You are like my twins.

One of our favorite times to talk is when we are cuddling before you fall asleep. A few weeks ago, you asked me a question - were you afraid to start your company? When I asked you what prompted the question, you said that it’s because you have been working on your courage to overcome fears and wondered what I have been scared of in my life. I told you that over seven years into it, I still need to muster my courage on a daily basis with Tatcha.

You started giving me advice about work and we decided to write them down. Here’s what you told me, which we hope can be helpful for other working moms out there or any mom who dreams of being a momtrepreneur (mom + entrepreneur).


Five Tips for Momtrepreneurs, from Alea, the kid of a momtrepreneur:

1. Don’t give up.

2. When you’re scared, think about what could happen and the probability of it happening and then plan for it ahead of time. Like the other day, my dad left his bag in his car and we were robbed. There was a good chance that could happen because we live in a city. He should have planned for that. And when you’re scared think about the happy parts, all the good things that can happen. The best part of having a momtrepreneur is learning about the company and how to help out and the company can get better.

3. Don’t feel guilty. Think about how you can teach your kid about your work so that they can learn too. It’s fun to learn about work and to help.

4. The worst part about having a momtrepreneur is that they are always on phone calls, and they get home late and they have lots of business trips. I think about how quickly my mom can come back and now that I’m big I get to go on trips too sometimes. When I can’t go on the trips, I put a toy in my mom’s bag so she can remember me. Also I loved how my mom used to hide letters for me in the house that I could find every day when she was gone. If we both have fun when we are apart, the time will fly by faster.

5. Just don’t give up. And know that your kid loves you.


Thank you Alea, for being my best friend and for sharing your tips with other moms.


Happy Mother’s Day everyone!



Vicky (& Alea)

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Victoria Tsai
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Published May 12, 2017
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