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From Sea to Serum: The Story of TATCHA's Water Collection

From Sea to Serum: The Story of TATCHA's Water Collection

In my work, I have had the honor of discovering beautiful treasures hidden around the world. One of my favorites is Okinawa, a collection of islands off the coast of southwestern Japan.

These tropical islands feature a dazzling array of flora and fauna, with white sand beaches sloping down to a sparkling ocean. I learned that the warm waters of one particular Okinawa lagoon are the perfect temperature for delicate red algae, allowing it to thrive and absorb minerals to achieve its full nutritional potential. In this lagoon, a fisherman harvests the algae by hand to avoid disturbing the coral beneath and to ensure sustainable farming. The algae is laid in the sun to dry before making its way to our formulators.

This algae, called “treasure from the god of the sea,” is a prized part of the Okinawan diet and beauty rituals, revered for its ability to restore skin’s luminosity from the inside out.

My scientist friends taught me that algae is rich in natural polysaccharides, the molecule that provides its incredible moisture-retaining properties. If you drop dried red algae in water, it instantly drinks the up the moisture, blossoming and turning from a dull maroon into a vibrant red.

I was delighted to learn that this long-lasting moisture retention applies to the skin, as well. We blended the powerful Okinawa Red Algae with Hyaluronic Acid, known to hold 1,000 times its weight in water, to increase your natural moisture content, leaving skin hydrated, replenished and glowing. 

Because of its multitasking benefits, we formulate every item in our collection with Okinawa Red Algae—it comprises one-third of our HADASEI-3™ Bioactive Complex. The ingredient truly shines in our Water Collection, a powerful quartet of items to nourish and moisturize skin. With 40% of our signature Okinawa Red Algae and Hyaluronic Acid complex, the Luminous Deep Hydration Firming Serum and Luminous Deep Hydration Revitalizing Eye Mask offer intensive moisture for a radiant glow.

We have been working to perfect our Water Collection, and I am delighted to finally present to you this “treasure from the god of the sea”—beloved by history, proven by science and remastered for you.



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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published May 7, 2014
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