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The History of Our Lucky Bag Event: Fukubukuro

The History of Our Lucky Bag Event: Fukubukuro

Dear Friend,

Every January at Tatcha, we begin the new year with two traditions: self-reflection by way of a gorgeous photo of the year's first sunrise, and participating in the time-honored Japanese practice of Fukubukuro. But what is Fukubukuro, exactly?

We can trace this concept back to Japan’s Edo period, during which the nation enjoyed massive economic growth and a veritable commercial renaissance. As popular demand for shoppable goods increased, specialized retailers blossomed throughout highly populated Japanese cities like Kyoto and Osaka, with merchants experiencing booming business selling their wares.These newly prosperous merchants and retailers launched an annual event to honor one of Japan’s Shichi Fukujin (Seven Lucky Gods).

Inspired by Daikoku, the God of Good Fortune, the new Fukubukuro event served as the first sale of the new year, offering customers a chance to enjoy good fortune for themselves. It’s this same tradition that we honor today.

During Fukubukuro, stores offer “lucky bags” to clients. These mystery bags are a stupendous deal for customers, typically containing surprise goods worth significantly more than the bag’s sticker price. As a symbol of good fortune, Fukubukuro sets the tone for the rest of the year; by beginning the year with luck and prosperity, shoppers hope to enjoy similar fortune all year long.

Tatcha participates in Fukubukuro at the start of each new year as a gesture of our wishes for you, our client friends. We deeply hope that you will enjoy luck, joy, and prosperity in the months ahead, ushered in by the beauty and skincare treasures we’re so honored to share with you.

Wishing you good fortune this year and in all of those to come,

The Tatcha Family


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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published January 6, 2019
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