Sunday is Culture Day in Japan, a national holiday that began in 1868 to celebrate the arts, academics and other notable achievements. Geisha, the celebrated icons of beauty and Japanese tradition, embody these virtues every day, perfecting the art of performing songs and dances from the country's earliest days. In fact, geisha literally translates to "art person." Their makeup may be similar, but their personalities are as unique as the stars in the Kyoto sky. The late Dr. Onishi spent many years photographing geisha, and shared with us countless images from his collection. His images capture not only the geisha's dedication to their calling, but the way they balance their classical training with life in these modern times. Click the arrow to see a slideshow of our favorites.



Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

published October 2013

Geisha, Kyoto
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Photo 1: Dr. Hidenori Onishi

Photo 2: Geisha crossing the streets of Kyoto Japan

Photo 3: Geisha in Kyoto Japan

Photo 4: Geisha performance

Photo 5: Geisha in Kyoto Japan

Photo 6: Geisha peice

Photo 7: Geisha performance dance

Photo 8: Group of geisha

Photo 9: Geisha in pink blanket

Photo 10: Three geisha walking in Kyoto Japan

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