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Gifts for Sweeter Dreams

Gifts for Sweeter Dreams

A good night’s sleep is something I treasure, and began making time for ever since becoming a mother. As an entrepreneur and a mom, the importance of sleep only became clearer. I soon realized that I had to make sleep a priority.

Sleep benefits your skin and overall health. From improved memory to a brighter outlook on life, sleep beautifies from the inside and out. What’s fascinating to me is that simply being aware of your body’s need for sleep leads to deeper, higher-quality sleep. After learning about sleep and its relationship to mindfulness, I began to add some simple steps to my evening ritual to lessen the busy-ness of how I end each day. I was delighted when my friends at Crane & Canopy reached out for a partnership sharing our favorite, easy gifts to treat a friend or yourself. What could be more pampering than a sweet slumber and evening ritual for the face, mind and body?

For the face: One way to help ensure you dream soundly is to create an evening ritual that prepares your mind and body for sleep. My favorite way to begin my nighttime ritual is by giving myself a one-minute facial massage with our Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil, which has the benefit of also melting away the day’s makeup. After an especially long day, I love giving myself fifteen minutes to meditate while wearing one our Luminous Deep Hydration Lifting Masks. This extra boost of hydration is a wonderful addition before bed, as skin also tends to lose moisture at night.

For the mind: Another beautiful way to start your evening is to dim the lamps and light a candle. Soft, warm light naturally cues the mind to begin preparing for deeper sleep. Candles infused with natural fragrance add an extra sensory touch. A beautiful scent can transform your mood, awakening the senses or soothing them. In the evening, when your day is winding down, I recommend a candle scented with a calming fragrance. If you’re especially creative, you can even make candles yourself with any prefered scents.

For the body: Finally, make your bed a true haven for sweet dreams, a place that you feel comfortable and cozy. One of the easiest ways to give your evening a lovely start is with fresh bedding. After traveling or a long day, it is a true comfort to slide into a crisp, cool bed in a pattern or color you love. One of my favorite sets to come home to is Crane & Canopy’s Noe print.

What I love about gifting my friends and loved ones with pampering presents is that it’s closest thing to giving someone sleep--something I’m sure everyone would love more of. This holiday season, what gifts will you be exchanging with loved ones?


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Victoria Tsai
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Published December 22, 2015
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