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Hand it to the geisha

Hand it to the geisha

When I began spending time with geisha, I was so dazzled by their iconic makeup and beautiful kimono that I noticed little else. However, as we spent more time together, I began noticing more of the tiny details of the meticulously trained geisha.

When in full formal dress, a geisha is covered from head to toe, her face veiled by white makeup and her body beneath heavy layers of silk. Only the back of her neck and her hands are bare, an intimate glimpse as she pours tea or performs a dance. For this reason, they routinely include caring for their hands as part of their daily skincare ritual.

The first time I compared my own hands to those of Kyoka, our muse, I was amazed at the difference. Hers were creamy and spotless, as flawless as the skin on her face. Like many women in the west, I have long been diligent about protecting my face from the elements, but it had not occurred to me to similarly protect my hands.

Because of their exposure and constant use, hands can show accelerated signs of aging. With UV damage and natural loss of elasticity, hands can become spotted, thin and dehydrated. Kyoka taught me a deep appreciation for proper care for the hands, one that I carry with me today.

This includes taking a few moments every time I exfoliate with our Rice Enzyme Powders to gently rub a bit onto the back of my hands, my palms and fingertips. This helps remove dull skin and leaves them better prepared for moisturizing, which she does several times a day. I keep a tube of our INDIGO Soothing Silk Hand Cream in my bag at all times, but at night, my ritual has come to include a brief hand massage with a few drops of the GOLD Camellia Beauty Oil on my fingers, before bidding sayonara to the day. Sometimes I bring my hands close to my face for a moment to inhale deeply and appreciate the scent, and the realization that another day has come to a close, and another beautiful day lies ahead.



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Victoria Tsai
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Published March 13, 2014
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