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Hello from Kyoto + San Francisco

Hello from Kyoto + San Francisco

Hello, friends. My name is Vicky and I’m so honored to meet you. Several years ago, after a decade of big city living and big company work, I began yearning for simplicity and authenticity in my life—so I started traveling. My journey took me to Asia and eventually Kyoto, where I’ve had the rare opportunity to immerse myself in a world of pure beauty, craftsmanship and heritage. The experiences I’ve had and the people I’ve met have opened my mind and my heart and reminded me how much goodness and magic there is in the world. Inspired, I wanted nothing more than to share the treasures, people and stories that I discovered—and continue to discover—on my journeys.

TATCHA was born on the same day as my daughter and both are now two years old, which is difficult to believe. It has been an incredible process, one that reinforces my belief that life’s biggest challenges yield the most rewarding results. By far, my favorite part of this experience has been interacting with you, TATCHA’s friends and supporters. I created this blog to tell you more about the stories behind our brand and our collections, and to show you some of the marvels tucked away in humble Japan. I also hope to hear about your experiences with TATCHA, your own treasures, and what you’ve learned along your own journeys.

Our friends never fail to make the day beautiful, and we are so very grateful to you. I hope that, through TATCHA, we can made your day a little more beautiful too.

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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published June 10, 2012
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