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How to Channel Your Inner Geisha

How to Channel Your Inner Geisha

Synonymous with “art person” in Japanese, geisha are the epitome of style and grace. I’ve long been fascinated by their mesmerizing beauty and poetic movements. A part of their allure is that they’re a bit unknowable. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend time with geisha of all ages and they’ve taught me so much about life and beauty. I believe that we all have a bit of geisha in us, we just need a little help bringing it out.

Adopt the wisdom of the ages

When I asked a geisha friend to share the secret to being a great geisha, she said she looks to her elder geisha “sisters” as role models. Mentors are a great source of advice, inspiration, motivation and can help guide you on your path. Find someone you admire and discover how to reach your full potential.

Look the part

One of my first memories of a geisha is observing her walk down the streets of Kyoto, carrying a colorful parasol. 

Red your lips

One of the most striking aspects of a geisha’s look is her red, rosebud lips. Traditional geisha lip color is made from beni, a dry extract from Japanese safflower, and applied by wetting a brush and painting it on the lips. Kyoto Red Silk Lipstick is the modern equivalent in a long-wearing, matte formula that keeps lips soft and hydrated. I like wearing it to pay homage to the geisha’s iconic red lip.  

Realize your true beauty

We live in a culture that’s obsessed with youth and beauty. Geisha have taught me that true beauty begins in the heart and mind. It is something to be gained over time, not something that is lost with time. If you live a life that makes others feel beautiful and loved, they will see you as beautiful.

The art of being a true geisha takes years of diligent practice, but I hope these tips help you embody your inner geisha. Just remember to add a healthy dose of confidence. There are many attractive women out there, but it’s hard not to be drawn to someone who is confident, courageous and has a point of view.


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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published July 22, 2016
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