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8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Moisturizer

8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Moisturizer

Dear friend,

Choosing a new skincare treasure sometimes feels like deciding on a single dish at dinnertime: so many to pick from, with a seemingly endless list of unique possibilities.

In particular, the decision to adopt a new moisturizer can feel especially daunting due to the sheer volume of options on the market. Tatcha alone has five signature moisturizers, which are formulated with pure Japanese ingredients, and each has its own gorgeous qualities and benefits. We understand how it might feel difficult to make the choice for one over another.

When deciding which moisturizer to feed your skin, we suggest pondering many of the same things you’d consider when choosing a meal for yourself or a loved one. Is it healthy? Do I recognize the key ingredients? Am I confident that it was prepared attentively, by somebody who knows what they’re doing? After all, skin is a living thing — it’s the largest organ in your body — and should be nourished accordingly.

By evaluating your biggest concerns and priorities, these seven questions can help guide you in the search process for the perfect moisturizing treasure and ensure that you feel confident before taking the plunge.

Ask: What are my biggest skin needs?

We see skin as a reflection of the soul, and just as two people are never completely alike, nobody’s skin needs are completely identical to another person’s. However, the one thing all skin has in common is that it needs nourishment. Depending on your skin type, your geographic location, and your lifestyle, that nourishment might take different forms.

For example, if you have dry skin or live somewhere that experiences a harsh winter climate, you’ll likely require a thicker moisturizer formula that’s rich in botanical oils, like Tatcha’s new The Dewy Skin Cream. If your oily skin is in need of hydration without any added shine, or your home climate is extremely humid, you’re better off choosing an water-light, oil-free formula like The Water Cream.

Ask: What is my ideal look of skin?

So many looks of skin are possible with the right moisturizer. Are you seeking a smooth and poreless complexion? Go for an oil-free formula like The Water Cream. Plump and luminous? Try a moisturizer that’s rich in antioxidants and botanical oils, like The Dewy Skin Cream. Silken and soft? The lustrous finish of a weightless formulation, such as The Silk Cream, might be more up your alley.

How you answer this question can determine whether you opt for a lighter moisturizer or a heavier one, and inform which formulary qualities are ideal for achieving your visible skin goals.

Ask: Does this moisturizer address any special skincare considerations, like eczema?

Extenuating skincare circumstances, especially allergies or conditions like eczema, should always be the number one consideration when choosing a moisturizer. Knowing your skin’s inflammatory triggers, such as synthetic fragrances, high alcohol levels, or specific acids, can direct which moisturizer formulations are good options for your skin. The Indigo Cream, which has been awarded the National Eczema Association’s Seal of Acceptance, is a great option for most sensitive, easily irritated skin types.

Ask: Does this moisturizer contain ingredients that I believe in?

Because many of the ingredients that you apply topically absorb into the rest of your body, they should be good for both your skin and your overall health — just like with the food you eat. Many ingredients that are good for your skin are also good for your health, so a great place to start with skincare is seeking out good-for-you ingredients like the green tea, rice, and algae that make up Tatcha’s proprietary Hadasei-3 bioactive complex. For more information about our choice ingredients, explore this guide.

Ask: How do I want my moisturizer to feel?

Do you prefer a rich, creamy formulation that feels moisturizing on skin all day long, or do you prefer a water-light moisturizer that you can apply and forget while still feeling confident about its efficacy? Consider your preferred experience before taking the leap with a moisturizer.

Ask: How will this moisturizer fit into my daily makeup routine?

While light, water-based moisturizers absorb quickly for immediate makeup application, thicker, oil-rich formulas might need a bit more time to properly permeate — typically the perfect amount of time to brush your teeth or get dressed. However, if your makeup prep is often rushed, you might prefer to opt for a fast-absorbing skincare treasure.

The base of your complexion makeup is also a potential consideration. If you love to slather on thick amounts of a moisturizer that contains nourishing botanical oils, it might not play as well with a water-based liquid foundation.

Ask: Does this moisturizer fit into my typical morning and nighttime rituals?

Many people prefer different moisturizers for the morning and evening. For example, somebody with normal to oily skin might opt for a light, water-burst formula like The Water Cream to ensure a poreless, shine-free finish throughout the day. However, that same client might desire a richer texture for overnight replenishment. If you like to differentiate your hydration rituals by time of day, consider this when selecting your treasures.

At Tatcha, we hope to help you discover the perfect way to complement your unique beauty, and are deeply honored to care for your skin. This is why we seek to provide guidance in every step of the skincare journey — from ingredient deep-dives to personal skincare consultations from our team of advisors, our goal is to bring a sense of Zen to your beauty ritual. Often, that means helping you decide on the treasure best suited to your skin.

If you would prefer to chat with somebody knowledgeable about your skincare options, Tatcha’s team of experts would also be delighted to be of service in answering any lingering questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us any time.

Wishing you pampered, moisturized skin,

The Tatcha Family

Published March 26, 2019
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