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Ichi-go, Ichi-e

Ichi-go, Ichi-e

In Japanese, there is a phrase Ichi-go, ichi-e. It means “just this one moment, once in a lifetime” and speaks to the preciousness of experiences and interactions in our lives. During my travels in Kyoto, I learned the true meaning of this principle: the dedication to service practiced by everyone from geisha to street food vendors was humbling and inspiring. I wanted to bring the concept of Ichi-go, ichi-e home with me, and so I adopted it as a philosophy for TATCHA’s clients.

At TATCHA, my highest priority—the reason I created this company—is to make you feel treasured. My team works tirelessly to discover and create products worthy of their place in your life, and we hope to surprise and delight you with these gifts. As a result, our service philosophy is near and dear to our hearts.

I love hearing from you, I love meeting you and, above all, I love making you happy. We try to do this in small but hopefully helpful ways, such as:

- Free US shipping on all orders
- Free international shipping on all orders over $250 and
- Free returns any time

Our Koufuku (Happiness) Promise: if any TATCHA item is not what you were hoping for, we will happily accept a return or exchange—every time, no matter what.

Thank you for making our work so meaningful. It is my honor to play a small part in making your life more beautiful.


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Victoria Tsai
Chief Treasure Hunter

Published November 2, 2012
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