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In Conversation With: Stanley Hainsworth

In Conversation With: Stanley Hainsworth

A new company is like a child, in that it takes a village to truly shape what it becomes. One person who has been uniquely instrumental in creating the brand that you know today is my cofounder Stanley Hainsworth. Stanley and I have been friends for years and call one another “Twin”—a joke because of our opposite styles. His is colorful, outgoing and fearless, compared to my more reserved personality and all-black wardrobe. I veer towards logistics and deliberation, while he is a true artist and a world-class designer.

It was important to me to have Stanley involved from the very beginning. Design is an integral part of our brand, honoring our heritage and paying homage to the beautiful aesthetics of Japan and the geisha.

Trying a new skincare collection is a true leap of faith, an intimate process made more so because you’re putting the product directly on your body. I hoped that putting thought and care into our designs and packaging—from the colors to the logo to the sticker that seals each item closed—we could assure our customers that we put just as much thought and care into the product itself.

Stanley did all of this and more. Having helmed some of the world’s most iconic brands, he understood this vision, fell in love with the Japanese heritage and created a line more beautiful and well-crafted than I could have hoped for. With the agency he created, Tether, he uses design to tell the story of a brand.

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Victoria Tsai
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Published June 9, 2014
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